Infinite Orbs Of Zath

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The spider orbs of Zath, the black orbs you can craft at the Zath alter that spawn spiders when you throw them?

If you put a stack in a quickslot and throw them, when you run out, they remain in the quick slot and you can still get the animation for throwing them even though you don’t have any orbs remain.

This is new since the last patch.

Consumable should disappear from quickslot when items used up.

Hi, can you actually throw more after they are gone, I can only see the animation but, no other orbs are generated once depleted?

All orbs seem to have this bug from what I’ve noticed, thought I’ve never tried with Zach orbs in particular

I know with gas, oil, and fire orbs were all acting this way before the latest patch. You throw all of them you have but you can keep doing the throw animations until you unequip, but no more orbs are actually thrown

I think this might be the same thing


That’s what I have as well with the animation, I thought this was an unlimited ammo report.

Yeah, no, sorry, not unlimited ammo, but unlimited animations from the one orb that remains in the quick slot.



Thank you for your report. We’ll ask the team to look into that.

Please let us know if you find any other issues on our Lands. :slight_smile:

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