Infinite Storage Bug


I found an infinite storage bug today, I haven’t tested it much but i know how to replicate very consistently. Normally i wouldn’t report something like this due to how useful it is however it’s far too unfair for those who don’t know how to perform it.

The way i did it was i got a bunch of stacks of stone in a furnace with some fuel and started it, this would cause one of the stacks to no longer be full and this is important, it only works if you have at least one stack that is not full.
Then if the furnace had no space it would place the bricks at the bottom in a slot that isn’t actually part of the furnace’s storage, now fill the bottom row with the stone that was already in the furnace, this would leave slots that are part of the furnace’s storage open then i would move the bricks to the top.
Now you shift click in stone from you inventory and it will put a portion of the stack in the previously mentioned partial stack, and the rest into an open slot.
Then once you have filled your furnace again, simply take out the bricks that you put in the furnace’s normal storage part and put stone there.
Now start the furnace again that will once again create a row at the bottom that the bricks will go into.
You can repeat this for as far as i can tell infinite storage in a single furnace, you can do this with basically any material so long as it’s stackable and you make sure to have a partial stack of that material. You can also do this with different materials at the same time by making sure to fill the furnace with partial stacks of different materials before you make the furnace think it’s full then moving them all to the bottom and fill it in from the top down.
You can do this with almost any container type that is able to produce items, Firebowl cauldron, Carpenter’s Bench, etc. if you have any questions please ask because this was difficult to word due to the way you do it, i will do my best to explain because i feel this should be fixed as soon as possible again, due to it being very unfair to the people who don’t know how to do it.

My personal suggestion on how to fix it, though I don’t know if it would work would be to simply make it so that any slot the game creates to place crafted items into should just not be accessible to players, and what i mean by that would be if i try to drag in the stone from the top of the furnace to the new row it will simply not allow me similar to how you can’t place items in bags that you drop.


Are you certain the furnace was full in the start. In my game, only a section of the available space is shown. If I place more items into the furnace more space will be shown. This keeps happening until I get the max notice. When the furnace is started, it will create space for the crafted items, but those spaces cannot be filled with raw material. Once the crafted item is removed the “ghost” space will be removed.


yes i am certain, the only way i can replicate it is if the furnace is at 100% capacity before i hit start, and yes the “ghost spaces” do disappear normally but if you fill them with something just to take up space they will persist so you fill the bottom row before you take out the brick


I’ll give it a try to see if I can reproduce it as you described. I am playing Solo/Co-op currently so it may not working the same as in an online version.


I’m very sorry, I wrote those steps in the wrong order, I have corrected it now


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