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Hi everyone, I wanted to ask if the following behavior is legit. Our clan built in the cave in d11, and a player raiding the base, destroyed it in part and then spam foundations inside the cave to not allow us to rebuild. It is also claiming other caves, as well as spamming vaults everywhere without meaning. Thank you all.

So you were wiped and someone took over your former base location. This is the nature of PvP. Do you really have to ask if this is “legit” or not???

Also vaults are used for mass storage. We typically place vaults all over the map next to where we are farming. And we place numerous vaults close to bases we are about to raid. So you might assume vaults all over the map serve no purpose, and you would be totally mistaken in your “assumptions” of why clans are using them.

All that being said, if you are against such tactics, you probably will be happier on a PvE-C server.

The crevice in D11 is in the top 5 of the the most epic base locations in the Exiled Lands. It is the largest cave to build in and therefore has immense defensive capabilities. It´s location is a dream, and on top of that, if you build it right, because of the huge mountain, you will gain supreme strategic control over a huge area. Of course, people fight for this location, and as you built inside, someone else wants to do it. So, claiming this spot after deleting your structure is only part of the legit and epic war this game is so great in simulating.

I don´t know about the rest, because you only made some hints regarding the amount of other building locations that they claimed, but in general land claim on a PvP server is regarded as a part of the warfare. You can read yourself about what funcom defines legit or illegit in the guidelines about official servers from April - here´s a part of that:

I read the last sentence as: “On PvP-servers, where people can clean up themselves, it is less likely that funcom will see the necessity to intervene”.

He don’t wipped us, just destroyed a part of base and spam foundation where he can. I know the use of vaults, and in this case the vaults don’t have a sense. We had closed this cave, and builded inside. He destroyed the central part and spam foundation. He don’t build a base, and we have the base in a part of cave, but now we can’t closed. I asked just if this is legit or not. Or you think is legit to spam foundation everywhere? If you don’t know, you can’t build or claim everywhere. Exemple. A clan had closed our base with a wall outside and isn’t legit. After we have contact the admins, the wall goes down. So I asked just if is legit, I don’t cry for this. I like play pvp and raid everyclan, but i like play legit.

Yeah and… Sometimes raids take several days to complete. Especially if the raider runs out of bombs. Just because he hasn’t started building his base there yet doesn’t mean he is “foundation spamming”. In fact it makes perfect sense he has not started building a base there now that you disclosed that the raid is ongoing.

Says who? You? Again you are making assumptions with what he is doing with his vaults.Sounds more and more like you are getting your *** handed to you and you want Funcom to intervene.

You are in the process of getting wiped. So OF COURSE he is just laying down foundations. No raider is going to start building their base there before completely wiping you.

Your argument that this is “foundation spam” is flat out silly and it appears, now that we have more info, that it is not the raider at fault here but instead that you want to abuse the reporting system to stop your base from getting raided.

Fight your own battles. Don’t cry about how the raiders play the game. It looks extremely weak and pathetic.

  1. The raid was finish in one hour. And he don’t build a base. He building on another spot.
  2. We weren’t canceled as he found practically nothing of importance
  3. We raided his main after he tried to attack us
  4. I have 4k hours of pvp and I recognize foundation and vaults spam
  5. Don’t believe you are a professor if you don’t know how things are
    So don’t talk casually and don’t accuse. I am not trying to abuse the reporting system. I simply asked if it is legit or not. Is this clear to you? From the way you talk it doesn’t seem like it. And by the way you talk, I think you’re the kind of player who considers it legit to do anything. For example, foundation spam at brimstone lakes, or the construction of a wall at spawn desert to prevent anyone from entering the map. Both punished by funcom.
    So either you know if this is legit, or don’t answer. If it’s legit, it will mean that I can do it too and I won’t let it rest. Since it is not legit to close another player’s base, and here it is something similar, I simply asked if it is allowed. But apparently you are not the right person to answer these questions. So do everyone a favor and go be a professor somewhere else.

Bottom line is…its legit on PVP servers. Do it to his base, destroy his vaults, have fun.

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Immaterial to the discussion at hand. Just because he also built in another spot doesn’t mean he cannot foundation wipe you and ALSO take your spot. It doesn’t mean he cannot have multiple base locations. Also once again, he likely wont build a base in “your” spot until he finishes foundation wiping you. Just because he did not complete the task on the first day doesn’t mean he is “foundation spamming”

Also one more point. It looks like you are trying to say just because he has this 2nd base, that implies he has no real interest in claiming your cave. If this second base is close to your cave, that is what we call a “forward operating base”. Veteran raiders almost always build such bases especially when they are raiding bases that are hard to crack. The reason is to store bombs, extra armor and weapon kits, etc. And to also have a bug out spot in case their is a need to retreat.

What loot he took from your base is meaningless in regards to your ridiculous allegations he is “foundation spamming” you. Your cave location is a VASTLY MORE IMPORTANT asset.

Ahhh so now you give even more info. You launched a counter attack against his main base. Which also leads credence to what I have been saying all along. He is not finished with wiping you from your cave base. So he will likely secure his main base before completely foundation wiping you in the cave. And THEN he will build a base there.

So you have 4k hours… Doesn’t mean you know what you are talking about. Hell I have over 8k hours and I am still learning new tactics and strategies all the time.

You have 4k hours and are actually coming here asking such a ridiculous question that someone is “foundation spamming” by taking over your base… Someone who says they have 4k hours in game should know better :wink:

Immaterial to the discussion. Foundation spamming resource locations and spawn points is NOT the same thing as placing foundations in a base that is in the process of being wiped.

You can attempt to say you really don’t know what he is doing is “legit” or not. I could MAYBE see that argument from a complete newbie (and it would be a stretch even for a newbie). But for someone that boasts they have 4k hours in the game? Ummm… No way…

What it looks like is a desperate attempt to have Funcom intervene on your behalf by stretching an attempted, and likely ongoing, raid into “foundation spamming”.

~ Professor Wikkyd signing off :wink:

Thank you, I have asked just this.

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