Infused NCU coolant sink bugged or not working as intended?

I did some testing with Infused NCU coolant sink. Having 2 Crat pets hitting me, it seemed irrelevant whether or not i had the NCU equipped. I got interupted all the time trying to cast nanos. I then tried unequipping my coolant sink and got the MP buff “One mind, One purpose” and the interuptions were decreased drastically. I had no troubles at all casting my buffs without getting interupted. Which is why i suspect the Infused NCU coolant sink item is not working as intended. Can you please fix this bug? As the item not working has significant impact in pvp.

Does an orgbots !stats show this? I haven’t played in years or remember now. Try that though and see if it shows the stat change.

It seemed to be the case for crat pets, though it might have been some rng coming into play. Should have done a bigger test on it with larger statistics. I might be wrong. Though i did some testing with engi pets, where it seemed much worse. With coolant sink equipped and mp buff, one engi pet would actually interupt casts quite often. It looked like it interupted a lot more than crat pets, though it must be said this was just small tests.