Ingame admin interface


I recently bought the game and started my own server. I noticed that the ingame admin settings are being reset each day after the server restarts. Is there a way to allow these settings to overwrite the FTP server settings in the .ini file? I only found old serversettings.ini explanations on the internet and I’m pretty much a noob when it comes to stuff like this. If I compare my serversettings.ini to the ones found on the internet I’m missing a lot of lines like Durability etc. so could i technically just add these lines and it’s fine?

But since there is a ingame Admin interface I suppose it should overwrite the serversettings.ini anyways because if it doesn’t what’s the point of it anyways?

Maybe I’m missing something here and someone with more experience could help me, since it’s kinda annoying to always have to change certain things myself and especially if my friends are on the server before me and they have to play with the wrong settings.

Best is to set your settings in the serversettings.ini, make sure you start the server as admin, and the serversettings.ini is not write protected. For me it works that way.

I think my problem fixed itself, after the patch yesterday the serversettings.ini was updated as well I guess since it now has all lines like purge, durability etc. which had been missing before. Now everything works like intended. Im gonna change stuff in the .ini file from now on and ignore the ingame admin interface.

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