Lock server settings

Is there anyway to lock the server setting from being changed when an admin logs in?

I am running into an issue with sever settings auto changing when an admin logs in. I have some server settings that are outside the normal slider. Like my “itemspoilratescale” I have set to 0.00. So nothing ever spoils.

However right when I log in as adim, it changes all the sever setting that are outside the normal values to a value inside the slider range. Everything works fine until then.

I have tried making the seversettings.ini file read only, but it still change the settings (in game not in the setting file) when an admin logs in. I don’t have to do anything but log in as admin and it instantly changes. Which I do not even understand. If i have locked the seversettings.ini file were is the game getting these other setting from. How is the game bypassing that file when an admin logs in? Is there another file I have to lock or change to stop that?

I can not figure out a way to stop this from happening. I am running my server on the same system the game runs from. I have tried changing and locking all the settings where the game runs from and still cant stop the game from changing my serversettings.ini.

Found a fix for the issue.

Once you become admin, open up the console and the use the command setserversetting “■■■” " ■■■" command to change the values that becoming an admin changed.

as an example - setserversetting itemspoilratescale 0.0

This seems to need to be done each time you would become admin but at least its an option.

if you’re on PC
Back up your game.db
start a new game set the server setting before you create a character, then make a character and make the character admin.

restore the original game.db you should now have the settings you want all the time.

disclaimer: I haven’t needed to do this in a very long time, it may or may not still work.
It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth trying.

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