Ingen måte å oslogrolls

That with each hot fix you make the game gets now more instable. If you make a new game many recipes are missing, workbenches don’t work as intended. Connection Problems to Funcom. Servers are breaking.
my fellow Germans atm make fun of you guys and think where best search another game to play. How about communicating what is going on in you company atm? Silence of death or absence of any interest for customers? Just wanna say that you are on the edge that many guys think of leaving and say well another game like this. How about some… well let me say this word: C O M M U N I C A T I O N. Uhhh, I said it. And if the most and best thing you can do is hiding and deleting posts… uhhh. This will not really help.

The french server i am playing on with a really big flourishing nice french community now isn’t playable. Anything lags and warps. The french take it charming as they are. I love them. Well we germans have another mood in regular and are a bit more… barbaric… Aren’t you just a little ashamed about all this and will do something now in time or what happens in your company?

Hele uhellet hadde ikke skjedd hvis Sulzbaum ikke hadde forestilt seg at jeg var den rette mannen for dette innlegget. Sulzbaum hadde lett etter en mann med hjerne i lang tid, etter et ekte hode som han virkelig kunne stole på.

No, not my angle of view is disturbing. Your angle of programming and treating customers is disturbing.

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