Inspire me (tokyo blues)


I’ve been chipping away piece by piece at this game. All i really want to do is finish all the quests and story quests, but im losing the will to play the game. It’s been almost a three month epic journey from kingsmouth to Tokyo, but i’m looking at around 25% of Kaidan finished and despite logging on today for the first time in about a week, i cant bring myself to run another quest. I just kinda wanna log off.
Every mob battle is a bit of on ordeal, and the lack of jump points is making it feel a bit overwrought.

So can you help? Is there a must do quest that’s hilarious and goofy, or a cool little quest line i need to get onto to get myself away from that endless grindy feeling? Just something that gets me stoked playing the game again? Ive got a three day weekend, and would love to be back on the hype train.


Have you checked Ricky Pagan out yet?
I also really enjoyed Harumi’s non story quests.
There’s Choose Your Own at the outside of the Pachinko Parlor if you want a nice creepy investigation quest that makes you question just where you stand in the Secret World.

I really like Tokyo myself.


I loved Ricky Pagan. Guy is a legend. :slight_smile:


How far have you got in Tokyo thus far? There’s a questgiver I really like called Detective Hama, though he’s quite late on. He’s quirky, and his mission takes you round a whole load of side quests and mobs with fascinating stories.