Installation Stopped... Why?

Trying to download the latest patch and the installation has stopped… it won’t start now and comes up with a (0x87e0000f) error code… wtf??

Any ideas how to get this download active again?
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This is Microsoft’s official support page for that error message:

They suggest you cancel the download and start it again. I would also recommend a full system reboot (from the settings screen).

I’ve done that and the game seems to be reinstalling all 50gb again… FFS… what is going on with this game?

I only hope that it hasn’t wiped my character :flushed:

I hope not, normally save files are saved separate from the main client on Xbox so if you uninstall the game the game data is retained on your HD unless you manually delete it yourself.

That’s what I’m hoping… it’s downloading steadily, so, I’ll see soon whether or not all my hard work was in vain lol