Invalid building location/can't build under Chaosmouth

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Hello guys,

Our clan had a house under the chaosmouth “bridge”. We build it about year ago, but now we can’t build anythink else near the bridge and when is something destroyed by purge, we can’t build it back. Is it forever or it will be fixed next time?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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That, I think, is going to be permanent, unless Funcom changes how the finale of the game works.

It’s not spawning at the moment due to either a bug, or Funcom working on it, but the end of the “bridge” at Chaosmouth contains the “Altar of Chaosmouth”…an alter needed to beat the game. Because of this, Chaosmouth now has it’s own Land Claim area. You’re obviously in that Land Claim area but your building is grandfathered in. However, it will prevent new or replacement construction.

To be honest, I’d move your base.

Unfortunately it`s one of the new important areas we could not let people build at.


Ok, Thank you very much.