Inventory limit confusion

I’m a new player, and I wanted to clear up some confusion I have with the inventory. I read online somewhere that the inventory is unlimited and that it just keeps adding boxes for items as needed. If you weigh too much though, you get encumbered and it affects your character’s performance and ability.

So I put all my attribute points into the encumbrance perk, and it’s maxed now, but yesterday I got a message that my inventory was full, even though I wasn’t encumbered. Is the inventory actually unlimited? Or is there a set number of boxes you can have after all?

Also, if you put in all 50 points into encomberance, you can still walk and run around even with a full inventory/ fully overweight, you just use more stamina when running.

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Thanks for that info! I wonder if there’s a mod that will increase the capacity then? I’m living a real nomadic lifestyle until I find a place with enough flat land to build a big castle (gotta put all that DLC to work!), which means I’m wandering all over the map and no place to store stuff. TBH, I am probably carrying things I don’t really need, but until I really start crafting, I’m not sure what I need, so I have been keeping it all. Spoiled meat - do I need it for anything??? lol

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Look, first of all welcome to the comunity. @Ragnaguard made a fair question here about what you are playing. Every mode has different actions you must make. I, however will suggest you to throw away everything you carry. The materials is not the game but the knowledge. This game has teleport ability between biomes and every single biome has something unique to give, so you will teleport a lot. So don’t worry about the garbage you carry. I know that right now everything seems valuable and from a point it is. Still if you don’t want to lose them, fix a small cabine, put a bed or a sing on the map, fix some chests, put them in and continue your walk. Beware… Away from the starting river things are very difficult and especially for a player who doesn’t know what paths he must take to have a safe journey. The map may seem small but it’s big, really big. So get the simple knowledge of the game and then start traveling. Be the boss of the starting river and then start your journey. This is my advice to you. Playing as nomad will lead to loose everything, you will go frustrated and you may quit. Believe me, this game is huge, so one step at the time my friend.


It’s limited, but the number of inventory-slots is huge.

Edit.What @stelagel said. When I restarted a new character, I had all the knowledge how to power-level and got up to level 60 in a week or so. The trick is to follow the journey-steps, and explore. You gain massive amounts of xp from those two alone.

Once you’ve leveled up, you can start thinking about building your main-base further from Noob River.

I remember when I first started and died early on, then got into a sand-storm on my way from the spawn-point down south walking up towards the river, and died again… I didn’t let this affect me, and tried again. Your first base is just setting things up to get armor, horse, weapons, a little wheel for your first thrall - and doesn’t need to be big.

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I am really sorry . Your first post gave the impression that you are not an experienced player. Still i think that you need to gain way more . I found no reason to carry with me things i can easy get later . All i need when i travel solo is the thing that will keep me alive and nothing more . Later i can go full encumbrance, take a bodyguard and bring everything to my organized facility. The greatest pain in this game is the organisation. Play , learn ,have fun

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