Inventory lost after game freezes

Online official #1725

Around 2pm PST I went to log onto my character on #1725. When I logged it the game was really jerky and choppy. After about 30 seconds the game kicked me out to the loading screen. I got frustrated and decided to come back after a bit. Aroun 345pm PST I logged back in. I was loaded at the spawn in the desert with no inventory or gear. Literally had 2500ish hardened bricks, 350ish steel reinforcements, brand new level 60 flawless gear, 20ish skeleton keys. I’m sooo upset right now. Please help.

My advice. If you ever get kicked out of the game you want to sign back in as soon as possible.

When the server glitches out like that your character immediately tries to commit suicide. They’ll dive underwater and take a deep breath, fling themselves off a cliff, attempt to swim a lava channel upstream, run up to world boss and kick him in the balls, ect…

Hello @Matt_Holstein, welcome to the community!

Unfortunately we’re unable to offer any assistance with the restoration of items, apologies for the inconvenience.

Did you happen to check your event log for a possible cause of death?

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