Invulnerable enemies for the first seconds of a fight

I recently started playing with a mate, and I can say we’ve been having a good deal of fun, roaming around, building a base, exploring locations and battling NPCs. However, I fell that this game still has a huge amount of bugs, some almost game-breaking, and this is a shame for a released game.

But the biggest gripe I have with this game is that some NPCs seem to be invulnerable for the first few strikes, while being able to hit you, forcing you to retreat and wait a few seconds in hope they reste back to their normal state. How is this still not patched?


I find that they can become invulnerable to attacks at ‘any’ point during a fight. Just sometimes I can’t hit them anymore until I make them move away from wherever they’re standing. This happens a lot near walls, on bridges, etc, even out in the open away from objects sometimes.

It’s incredibly annoying and immersion-breaking. I just had to make a single archer move three times before I could damage him…

Also, they’re always invulnerable to melee attacks while under the tents. So are players, but a player can still be hit with arrows there.

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I’ve experienced the same thing. It makes combat so much less fluid when suddenly neither parties are doing damage to each other and then suddenly you are. Sometimes switching to a bow and shooting them will fix it but that’s not even a reliable fix as it only works some of the time. This has been happening since the combat update for me and it really needs to be addressed.

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