IoS: Illoigor spawn Maelstrom time during too short

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Wouldn’t call this a bug but more a performance issue, since 2.3 update the Siptah Maelstrom Storm duration is incredibly short, pre update it was about 30mins, now it’s only at best 15-18 mins. This is an issue because of the Illoigor spawn in the storm, he usually spawns at the 15min mark at his designated location or sometimes a little bit later. This is especially troublesome because of the fact the storm ends quite literally shortly after he spawns so you can’t kill him and harvest greater essence. I have about 7 t4 thralls near his spawn and even they are unable to kill him before the storm ends. If funcom could set the storm timing to pre-update that would be great. otherwise, you might as well not have him spawn at all.


I’ve only tried 3 times waiting around the spot that he spawns, however by the time he appears there’s not enough time to kill him.

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