Is ceiling stacking reportable?

Not like floor to ceiling obviously but like four/five layers, will it be cause for suspension?

I have yet to hear of ceiling stacking being an issue and I believe the ceiling stacking is self regulating than the fence stacking used to be because of the amount of doors you can have.

Time and time again, FC has stated its never been about the actual building pieces/foundations and have said occasionally it’s the placeables that are the issue with the system. With that in mind, you compare ceiling stacking with fence stacking and something pops up.

In fence stacking each and every stack can have a doorframe and a door. That meant 5 doors per foundation and naturally if it’s good there then clearly obscene amounts are better. So you get 20-100 doors…getting open and shutting in rapid order. Not really a good thing.

Now lets look at ceiling stacking. If memory serves right I think you can get 7 total hatch frames per foundation but with the hatch door, can only effectively get 3 per foundation as the hatch door system requires more space to function. Plus the only reason you want ceiling stacking is if you are hanging in a cave somewhere so there is a balance of limiting your space for a base vs securing said base that fence stacking isn’t as vulnerable to.

So with all of that in play, I believe this is why they didn’t hard code ceiling stacking like they did fence stacking.

Now about reporting. It’s not expressly in the ToS but neither was fence stacking. The limitation of player reporting also limits to visible infractions. Unless you know tricks, its hard to point out something illegal inside your base (not that I think the ToS is centered around that anyways). So the players only have location/POI blocking, excessive land claim, and excessive server load. If these aren’t a concern for you base, you are relatively safe from ToS infraction

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Thanks for your input, I prefer to build ceiling bases but don’t want people to use the ceiling glitch to simply load in and dump my benches.
I was previously suspended and the only thing I could think of why was I had a mix of gate stacks and ceiling stacks with around 4-5k building pieces but never got an actual reason for the suspension other than violating official code of conduct.
Really wish there was more clarity and examples of what’s not allowed like they have shown for land claim spam, I don’t want to get banned and have to go play a boosted since they all seem to be infastam keep on death borefests.

Ok please note one thing. This may or may not be considered an exploit (and I think amount of stacking matters for the exploit definition of " Exploits are uses and abuses of game mechanics to obtain an unfair advantage over other players") so be warned that you risk a 14-30 day suspension. It is up to you if you risk it.

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