Is Conan Exiles going to keep getting harder every few updates? (Not a complaint)

I have no issue with an increasing difficulty, but I’m curious if this is their intent or if they will finally keep it where it is finally at some point.

I’ve noticed that they keep upping the difficulty of this game every few updates as in increasing npc stagger resistances, nerfing thrall health and damage, heal nerf and animation addition, little tweaks like that that make the game a little harder each time, I’m not complaining but just wanna know the devs plan for the difficulty in the end and what they want


The stagger change was bugged, and is getting toned down on the next patch. I think that particular bug is only on PC.

NPCs are getting some stagger resistance, but not the near immunity they have currently

They are working on pathing and npc AI, which could make enemies harder to beat, or harder to cheese. But it will also improve thralls, hopefully making them getting stuck or just refusing to do anything much less common, so overall I think the AI changes will favor the player but it might not

I’m hoping the improvement to AI can lead to a different difficulty strategy personally.

Better AI and more enemy attack types is a more interesting way to add difficulty in my opinion than the bullet sponges.

I too am most interested to see where this is headed


I think the increase in difficulty is more a result of some tactics are unintentional and getting weeded out. Once that’s all fixed, a difficulty pass could be done to bring it in line with the intended difficulty. Players have this way of finding the “cheese” mechanic and then relying on it as intended when it may not be. Take blunted arrows. I find it hard to believe the intent is to use a blunted arrow from a distance only to walk into the crowd and walk out with the thrall at no risk to the player. But if this is someone’s primary thralling mechanic, if its changed the game will suddenly be “harder”. So I would guess the game is intended to be much harder than it currently is and over time it will move towards the intent and at that point, if its too hard, things can be toned down a bit. Its an underdamped system.


I think you cannot have good without evil. The game is changing all the time until it will become perfect and perfect means that we have the population of other games. I share this goal of the company but from the player-dreamer side. I can’t tell them what to do, I just can share my experience playing this game. I trust them, no matter what they will do, I will still play their game because it helps me a lot to escape my reality. Plus I really love the opportunity they give us to tell our opinions. Maybe this is the reason I get frustrated when people are coming here to demand, I just hate that, I find it incredibly rude. @darthphysicist you are one of the persons that teached me how to behave correctly here and I will never forget it, maybe it is irrelevant with the topic, but right now I remember it and I wanted to thank you once more :+1:t6:.
@HrothgarFrosthound, maybe I repeat my self over and over again but the only way to really enjoy and appreciate the difficulty of this game is spend some hours the week in barbaric mode single player. I can understand that we place goals, or as veterans of the game we are invited to play in some servers, yet you cannot understand how beautiful is this game in this mode. In this mode is difficult, yes. In decadent is challenging, as they promise, but not difficult. I played almost all the titles that had the hardest difficulty in that difficulty. Conan exiles however in this difficulty is very well balanced and I don’t know a lot of games that had that balance in greatest difficulty.
So the game just follows the promise, it becomes challenging not difficult, as it should be… And I love it :wink:


The game needs harder zones almost every pve encounter is a faceroll with your pet killing everything

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@steveba50 , The game already has hard zones, it just doesn’t have official servers in barbaric mode. Believe me if they had, nobody here would complain again that the game is too easy, nobody.


There was one update long before Followers where they made it so harsh that N’batu could two-shot you while you were in Medium armor. This was way before Epics, old weps, old combat style. Like yellowjackets, NPCs used to team up, swarm in and hit really hard. That particular update was a feisty buff, to say the least.

Now, with all the other variables they need to keep in mind, I’m grateful they are making it harsher again, or at least erring on the side of spicy.


I agree with err 9n the side of spicy. It is easier to tone down than to beef up. Why, because players fall into a routine on game, and easier adds more accomplished in less time. So by going spicier they are giving more than taking. And what human doesn’t like to be given stuff?

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