Is Dragonpowder just a lazy solution (that is causing too many problems)?

Since I’m already on a roll in different threads complaining about offline raiding I started to think of the other unbalanced issue with the game (that is leading to so much offline raiding). To me that is dragonpowder.

Feels odd to me that they developed interesting features such as the trebuchets and avatars but I rarely see any of those being used anymore since dragonpowder is so powerful and easy to make now.

Instead of refining the existing siege tools/weapons that were somewhat in line with the lore and potentially adding more (rams, siege cauldrons that actually work,etc.). Funcom went with dragonpowder which basically allows everyone to quickly and cheaply arm themselves with the equivalent of TNT (not in line with the lore).

Trebs and avatars take time, strategy, and planning to actually use while dragonpowder requires none of that. The only problem with trebs and avatars is how to deal with locked chests and doors… A solution for those would be what many games have — a lock pick feature that combines skill and rng.

My suspicion is that dragonpowder just became an easy/lazy solution for FC so that they didn’t need to refine the true siege weapons or have to develop a lockpick system. Instead easier to just let everyone blow things up with minimal effort.


I expect the Age of War will be changing siege mechanics. How much, I could not say, but I would be surprised if they completely neglected the War aspect of the Age of War.

I’d say, stay patient for now and see what they reveal in next week’s livestream.


Yeah I was actually wondering about that as well and almost mentioned in my post. Hoping for the best :slight_smile:

Has a livestream been announced?

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True :thinking: I was surprised to see gunpowder in Conan Exiles.
But it fits in reality where some exiles fight each other over resources and such. For me this is how Exiled Lands should be, like Fallout a bit, but in sword and sorcery reality. Barbarians scavenging and recycling anything they can find in some ravaged land, dressed in improvised armors, armed with crude improvised weapons… This is how I would like to have it. Gunpowder should be a rare top tier thing.

Siege machines… it’s technology, engineering, knowledge, it should be restricted only for clans and require several people to function, like two guys just to load it…

It sounds like p2w when elaborated upon. As a solo, your machines are useless that way. It is meant for three, but one can still build it, load, aim, and fire it.

Explosive arrows seem fine, but yeh, kinda wish the jars would be removed.


With the new treasures they could make it so have yo pick up explosive jars and walk them to a target making walls useful again

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Will make them more balanced for sure

I’m going to spitball an idea out here.

But what if Explosive Jars/Arrows did zero or heavily reduced damage to foundations and walls? Then you would need Trebechets to breach walls, but Jars and Arrows could be used on doors and gates.

Now… this has a load of issues on itself. Especially since doorways aren’t required in bases, and some locations make trebbing untenable. But if those issues could be fixed (especially with my idea where storage containers cannot be enclosed by just foundations and walls, but have to trace a path through hatches, doors, or gates to the outside). This might make raiding a bit less gruesome for many.


I thought explosive arrows are a big thing on IoS. At least I saw videos of it… before I try a server transfer. Tower defense.

And for the “fighting over resources” to happen, you need resources to be rare.
The current resource respawn timers, and the ×4 Harvest Rates go totally against this.
But again, if those were touched a lot of people would whine because they want everything in minutes, bringing up the excuse that “it’s faster to get back up after being wiped”, while totally ignoring that it’s also much easier to farm loads of dragonpowder to wipe in the first place :skull:

Yeah that is what I was kind of thinking. When I was mentioning lockpicks, kinda the same idea — have different tools for different items. Right now it feels like they did the lazy approach which is just give everyone the equivalent of TNT for everything (and oh by the way, make it extremely easy to acquire vast amounts of the TNT).

To me it feels like the game could be so much more if they built upon the more lore friendly aspects like real siege weapons and the avatars. Right now I’m scratching my head why even have trebs and avatars (but then again I’m wondering the same about pets as well). Feels like the devs lost their direction.

Oh well crossing my fingers for the next chapter.

More random thoughts on the topic this morning…

Castles in real life existed because they gave defenders an advantage. They took a lot of effort to build but the defensive advantage was worth it.

The current balance in Conan gives all the advantage to the raiders and as others have pointed out in different posts/threads, large bases right now put you at a disadvantage in that they just make it easier for folks to find you. What is the point of spending hours/days farming and building a large base if a solo person can easily farm enough DP to wipe it out in one hour? If we could build extremely large bases then maybe that would be a partial solution but that will just get you banned now…

As I mentioned before, had TNT existed in the middles ages there would have been no castles. Sadly this is where Conan is currently at.

I want to address this a bit, so that people don’t get an idea of some fantasy and run with it. I mean… this is kind of already being done. But this topic gives a good spot to illustrate that.

There hasn’t been a real major PVP update in years. Everything relating to PVP (such as the stamina changes) has been with a PVE focus (and the stamina update itself had some… Minor considerations to PVP, spending an hour or so a day for a month or two is a minor consideration IMO).

When you see PVP changes such as building health adjustments, changes to how acid arrows work, or similar. Those are reactionary to how the community is taking certain things. Or at best a fix to a bug (such as the Lance hitting multiple times per strike).

But there hasn’t been a real ground up approach to balance and structure how PVP is supposed to go. For example effort to build versus effort to tear down. Incentives to raid. As well as a PVP game loop with all the new features and systems added to the game since the first major changes in 2018.

Is this laziness? Kinda. At its worst, its a misappropriation of time, effort, and resources. At best, its triage of the same. For the PVP player its the former. For the PVE player its the latter? Who’s right in this regard? Well neither, but also both. They can’t make both happy here. I’m not defending that decision, just pointing out the facts of it.

Now here comes the wild card. I see many times in this discussions that things are bad because of this or that, and the 4x harvest. See… now this is a problem on the players. Its not wrong to want the 4x multiplier on FC Provided servers to be reduced. But it is incorrect to assume that the 4x harvest goes hand in hand with any sort of development decision.

The developers and server admins do not speak to each other. They are frequently not even in the same room as one another. I don’t even believe they are even in the same Country or Hemisphere as one another. Suffice to say, those servers are not considered for much of the development decisions being made.

They do affect each other for the experience you get on those servers, but one issue doesn’t cause the other. Because I will point out that I have never had a 4x harvest modifier on any server I’ve played. I’ve never even had 3x. The highest I go is 2x and I much prefer 1x, especially for PVP. I’m just pointing out that Conan Exiles PVP doesn’t revolve around 4x harvesting rates. It doesn’t have to be that way. They can change their server settings, and players can choose to play elsewhere.

With all this said though, the major problem starts at the very foundation… and no pun intended. Basically how much effort should putting up something take, and how much effort should it take to tear it down. Funcom right now, to my knowledge does NOT have an idea of what that formula should be.

In 2017 when the game was in early access there MAY have been an idea (I don’t remember feeling like there was) but that is not 2023 and there has been no effort that I know of to have anything that resembles an idea of effort versus effort.

Where we are right now is that any ‘fix’ such as adjusting harvest rates, adjusting bomb damage, adjusting this or that is going to result in the major problem just shifting somewhere else. And @Octavian you brought up an interesting thing:

That’s an interesting question. Because it is related to a question Funcom needs to answer for themselves. How quickly do they want raiders to be able to raid? It sounds like a simple question to answer. But it is something that will take some heavy consideration.

If you want fights to happen quickly, then rebuilding must be quick. If you want it slow, then building can be slower. But they have to work in conjunction. Not this heavy time investment to build that gets washed away in a fraction of the time.

The fix means taking a look at all the recipes involved in PVP. Stone to Stonebrick, Stonebrick to Hardened Stonebrick, Wood to Shaped Wood, Dry Wood to Insulated Wood, both types of Reinforcements, Steelfire, Dragonpowder, Trebuchets, and everything else. Looking at the time it takes to make everything, what its used for, some vision of how buildings generally are made, what is made, and what it takes to breach them. Then looking at the resources and time it takes to make the objects that tear those defenses down, their ease of use, use cases, and how they can be carried on site.

This could very well change the system of building in a major way similar to what we saw in Age of Sorcery. But in reality, it would probably be a good thing even for those who don’t PVP to see a rebalance of the entire building system.

I was kind of hoping Age of War would have some of this in it. But I don’t think it will (Chapter 2 is supposedly the fixall update that meshes all the Chapter 1 stuff and even some pre-AoW concerns together). Though we’ll see what the devs have to say for their next livestream. But I think what I am proposing (and what I believe simply needs to happen) is going to be an Age level effort. Unfortunately I don’t see that being a priority anytime soon. Hopefully I’m wrong there.


Hopefully we see some changes in chapter 2

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Good points. I agree it feels like they’ve lost track of what they are trying to be (and thus the constant changes that completely change game play).

I sometimes wonder if the devs are now trying to make Conan more like RUST. I hope not in that I play RUST on occasion, but it just has a different vibe to it. Even on the most hard core PVP servers, I see folks putting time and energy into designing and building bases that are honestly quite impressive looking. Granted they should realize that being on PVP they will be raided but it is just disappointing how quick they can currently be taken down with using DP (not to mention often offline).

That’s why there are borg ships in CE PVP. Are you sure that looks like RUST?

I think it is an unintended consequence rather than a sober design decision.

Remove the merchants/reliance on using blood crystals for supply materials > removes ease of gaining tar.

And as I have said many a time recently:

x1, DBD and regular wipes would solve most issues on PVP.