Is Funcom still alive?



Is Funcom still alive or was it news about the incredible conditions of the game and the servers?
The last news is over 14 days ago. The 500 Bugpatch bring 500 new bugs and the old ones still ingame.


They announced they’ll be taking some time off (Vacancy) due to their policy there. They’ll be back working in August.

And no, why would you be entitled a refund after playing for 300 hours? That’s ridiculous…


[quote=“Tascha, post:1, topic:22720”]
“the updates will temporarily slow down a bit during the last three weeks of July”.
And as rorik said, refund after 300 hours sounds like a tiny bit too much you’re asking there…
i tink the maximum amount of time to be able to ask a refund is sthing around 2 hours actually.
Play an other game untill the begining of august or do whatever you like, everyone is free to decide…


That’s sort if like asking… Can ireturnthis underwear I wore at camp for a week straight?

The answer generally is no.

As for the rest, patience! Funcom took a vacation. People are allowed to do that and often compamies will have shut down periods ti refuce costs and allow every One vacation at the same time.

When they return, they will be patching the game and working on related tasks.


Wait,the complete company is at vacation at the same time? Srsly?

Sorry never seen this before in any company


Doing it this way works better than people leaving here and there for vacation. Certainly when you need the right person at the right time. You can read a bit more here. Think it also may be part of the Norwegian law in regards to vacation time? Not totally sure.

CMs are still around. I’ve been answering where I can, gathering feedback/reports, and reporting to the devs.


Really? Not for as long, but many US companies do a shutdown between Xmas and New Years. They can then save money on electricity and such. Additionally, knowing everyone is off at the same time makes it easier to plam projects. When a team takes random vacations through out the summer, it becomes tougher because you don’t know if the people handling a key task will all be in at the same time.

In EU this is even more common. For example, tbe company we buy our gas storage cylinders from takes all of July off each year. It can be a pain, but we can plan ahead and pre-purchase the cylinders we expect to sell early so as to keep disruption to a minimum.


Thanks for thequick response and ur time :slight_smile: l


So, when are the developers coming back from vacation? There are several aspects of the game that are in utter disrepair at the moment.

When can we expect a patch to correct thralls spawning with super-low HP every time the player logs in (and being slaughtered even by weak mobs due to that, wasiting their equipment and all the 12 hours spent breaking them), not moving a finger to defend against purges, the white tiger world boss not spawning at all, crafting stations stopping every time a server goes down, starmetal not spawning correctly basically blocking an entire tier of weapons and tools, wall palisades being nearly impossible to spawn and not blocking mobs from dealing damage to structures behind them, bugged purges that always spawn the same spiders/hyenas/apes/animal crap preventing us to capture thralls that come with human ones, and many, many more nagging issues?

I normally tend to be quite patient, but It’s been two weeks. People in the server I play on are quitting by the droves because they’re fed up with waiting for basic fixes. We’ve gone from having all the 30 slots full on a weekend before the “500 fixes + bonus bugs” patch to 6/7 concurrents. I’d rather not find myself playing alone.

Every day you wait with the game in this kind of abysmal state, is more people who won’t buy the DLCs. I love the game and I’d like it to prosper, but I don’t see that as a possibility unless you really do a 180 in the way you approach customer satisfaction.

Incidentally, “customer satisfaction” doesn’t mean caving to pressure and releasing a rushed giant patch without properly testing it two days before your staff goes on vacation. It means rolling up your sleeves and fixing what’s broken as a priority over everything else. Giant “500 fixes!” patches with a ton of unnecessary stuff when basic things don’t work are suicidal.


Read the posts. It’s a 3 week vacation. Once that is done, Funcom will be back to working. How long for patches after that, no clue.

Also for the white tiger… Which location does it not spawn in for you? I’ve had no trouble finding it south West of the swamp and the other is north of the boss elephant.


“Read the posts. It’s a 3 week vacation. Once that is done, Funcom will be back to working.”

The fact that it’s written in a post does not make the current situation acceptable.

Also, I’m not sure when you played the game last time (maybe you went on vacation too?) because the white tiger north of the boss elephant does not spawn, in any situation, even in single player. I haven’t seen the one north of the relic hunter city either, and looking at the admin panel, it seems that it’s not in the database at all.


Never saw the one north of the relic armor area but looking at the online map, icm not 100% sure I’ve been to that area in general. It looks to be well north of the relic armor.

I’ve only seen the one south of the swamp and the one near the boss elephant. I’ll check the one near the boss elephant tonight to see if he spawns. I play daily but do not remember heading that way recently enough to be certain.


I do not understand that either. after all, they still released the patch. and the patch has made everything worse and the old bugs are still in the game. the servers are unstable and not 1 mechanic in the game works. except for the chat

but honest? not i want to keep players and have customers but funcom
Players will have their opinions in the first month after the release. And if the Funcom employees all have to vacation at the same time, despite these conditions. Will the players not care what and how and when is changed.


i went there to have look at this issue and i can confirm the white tiger was nowhere to be found. The elpehant king was there, the chest and all usual regular tigers were there but the boss was not.
i checked the entire northern area of the savanah untill the dogs of desert camps.


The community servers are already dying and the players are tired. but no matter
today i logged in, and half of my structures and materials are gone. nothing in the event log and the decay timer was 350 yesterday. and thats only 1 of the hundret buggy things


There just isnt enough in the game. Maybe in 6 months when they add 4 more dungeons.


How exactly is it better for a game company to have all their devs take a vacation when there’s massive gamebreaking bugs still in the game?


They haven’t done anything logical yet… why start now?


Funcom could have outsourced tech support or staggered their vacation so that not everyone was off at the same time. It boggles the mind out any company can function with all of their employees on vacation and why that is even needed.

I use to support them but honestly it was probably a bad idea.


I swear some people complain about the dumbest things. Are even old enough to play this game? Your complaint sounds like that of a child.