Is infinite loading screen fixed for PS4 OFFLINE?

Looking to see what has changed in 6 months, but i DO NOT want to download near 100 GIG to find out i get stuck in an infinite loading screen unable to play…

I know about turning my internet connection off on the PS4 as a workaround, but honestly i should never have to do this + i enjoy SPOTIFY while i grind.

So can anyone that is currently playing on PS4 or PS4 PRO (i play on PRO) if you are actually able to play your purchased product once again on Single Player Mode (offline) ?

And if so, how has the gameplay experience been as of late / as of the last patches ?

Is it even worth downloading again ?

Please any feedback pertaining to this would be very helpfull and much appreciated, as i honestly do miss this game after 6 months, but if i install it and it doesn’t work… It may be the final nail in the coffin and push to delete this game for good.

I truly hope this won’t be the case, as i love many things about this game, but a person can only have so much patience with anything in life. Especially with activities that a person may dedicate alot of personal time to & enjoy or waste & regret, before that patience runs out.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks for any commens left on this thread.

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We are expecting the new update very soon and the new dlc map. I believe, since it took so much time to present something new, this time the bugs will fall to minimum. Cross fingers and positive thinking :wink:.

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Honestly I quitted.
PS4 offline solo-player here.
I downloaded the 100 GB some weeks ago and quitted after 3 hours: the game was nearly unplayable and freezing as never I had experienced before.
Dunno if in the meantime they managed to fix it, but I was tired of new patches breaking game again and again (and again… and again…) so, my hint is a nope.
But you should try for yourself: maybe you won’t suffer the same issues I had and will able to play it (almost) normally!

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