Is it just boredom or is CE getting stale?

I’ve completed all dungeons, several times, I e completed all journey steps, I’ve gone through the barrier and finished the game only to create a new character. I love the building, UT you can only build so much. This game has been out for a long time. The dlc is cool, but there really isn’t anything new or any new place to adventure. I, personally think the game is getting stale as my server has dwindled from 40 players daily to 1-5 daily. The consensus, new games are out on the horizon.

What take ya think, time for something new? Expansion? Dlc? Or time to move on any d shelf Conan Exiles?

People have played Conan Exiles for hundreds, perhaps thousands of hours. At some point you start to feel like you’ve seen it all. New weapons, new enemies, new places, new building pieces - even though they’re new to us, they quickly feel old because at this point, we know the game inside out and because of our experience, we can figure out even new things pretty much instantly. The sense of wonder and awe is gone, and we encounter new but already familiar-feeling things.

It’s natural; that’s how the human mind works. Then it becomes the matter of whether we like the good old thing enough - whether we’re constantly entertained by repeating the same content - or whether it’s time to take a break and play something else long enough so that when we eventually return to Conan Exiles, it’ll feel shiny and new again.

Chess hasn’t received a real content update in hundreds of years, yet some people still play it for hundreds or thousands of hours. Some people are less likely to want new things all the time, preferring the game they’ve grown accustomed to. It’s likely there are many Conan Exiles players who would be happy to spend the next 40 years or so playing Conan Exiles exactly the way it is (maybe with some bug fixes).

There are limits to how much new content Funcom can add to the game; only so many new features the engine can support. Eventually we will run out of space to expand. Eventually it’ll be the time to move on.


For some its just a game to be completed , for others it is a huge diversion from RL and never gets stale. I have to admit it did get a bit stale for me after awhile, and my friends were bugging me to play other games with them, but another DLC (the best building architecture so far in my opinion) came out and I was hooked again, :smiley: The other thing that keeps me going is the friends I’ve made in-game. Its almost a daily routine to log in just to chat and say Hi.


This right here. I have taken a break, but will probably get back on to chat with my ex clan mates, see what they are doing. Maybe play a different way this time. Maybe time to try and find a home and be the old hermit on the server that is freinds with everybody…yeah who am i kidding, i will see sandstone some where, get mad, and drop a wheel on it.

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I see there is a new 3+gig. Update. Also, I watch Neebs gaming videos on YouTube, for Conan Exiles, it entertainment very funny. Keeps me coming back to the game . I wish I had fun friends like them to keep me gaming.

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It fills my Conan gaming needs. Being apart of the server community helps out, not just keeping solo online.

For me, it’s anything but stale.

Well I’ve been playing CE for a really long time in Real Life terms, but I don’t play a lot every day (in fact I don’t play every day at all, more like every two to three days), so it’s not stale for me yet. Maybe one day it will be, and it’ll be time to say “thanks for all the fish” and move on.


The new content gives it some life. Stale. Not yet for me. You do eventually go from surviving to maintenance mode. Which can make it more stale.

My clan is about 4 people. Each have build their base in a specific reagion where it would be beneficial. While I love building I dont do nearly as much as I dod before.

That being said. I always seem to find something to do.

You can burn yourself out with a game by rushing to do everything. There isn’t really a point to rush in this game as new content takes awhile to be implemented. I usaly focus on one thing at a time, i will do farming till im bored of that, will do crafting till i am bored with that, will do exploring and fighting till i am done with that, will go thrall hunting till i finally get one that’s worth it and then repeat… that usaly keeps me ingame for awhile

I’m just about to roll the odo over to 4000 hours on the Barnes Steam ID. I have two others for testing, plus PS4 toons for play and testing. Personally I’m enjoying the relaxed nature of summer, a lull, at my new server, because the last two years have been quite intense. I’ve been glitched, stabbed, poisoned, acided, bombed right up in my faaace, stolen from, burgled, pilfered, pickpocketed and outright looted. Finally I can just wend my Barbarian way across the land like a nomad with chess knight vault rooms.

Yesterday, after the population revamp I simply enjoyed decompressing. I took my time here and made it to 60 in about a week. Haven’t really stockpiled anything of merit, and I always spend my building materials if I’m going to be offline for a raid window. So I have had some chances to really watch a population and see its changes. Truly wasn’t a fan of the Darfari before, but I’ve really grown to enjoy my little resource crevice between two waterfalls. Got Hakka Sixfingers last night, plus another T4 bearer, Fairin of the Wild Coast, and another pair of B’naru Heavyhands. And an archer made of glass, Sorschut hilarious taunts.

Between this and a general collegial attitude on the server, there’s a feeling of spring. Sure there are storms now and then in the game, but I still haven’t gotten to the bottom of it. It’s really quite something; Conan Exiles itself is magic, but when you add other people it becomes … supernatural?


Where do you see how many hours put into game? I started playing April 1st 2019, and still play today. About 4 to 6 hours during week and more on weekends. Not well at math, where to see these stats, are there game tracker?

Also, slightly off subject of which, I’ll bring back… so, about 2 weeks ago, I purchased my own server from GPORTAL, and I e been messing with day,night,dawn,dusk cycle… Hella Confusing , documents in adobe, very confusing, says to see games internal clock… this must have been meant for PC as I’m on PS4. We searched all pages in the touch pad area nilly on a clock… where is the in game clock?

As for stale game, I played till 4 am this morning. … I thought I seen it all… come across a camp site, I’ve never seen with an emote 'big laugh. ’

Take a break if the game isn’t fun. I’ve played several games for many years (dota for 11years, FM/CM since 1998 etc), and take long breaks (about a year usually) when it stops being fun, otherwise you play out of habit and not enjoyment.

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Honestly, each patch makes the game less fun assuming you play for anything other than PVP.

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I’ve got 1100 hours clocked now and it’s been in fits and starts for this reason. I find when I get to the “end point” - ie a big base, full of thralls and loot, comfortable with everything i need, either two things happen:

  1. I get into a cycle of raiding/being raided and the conflict keeps me entertained.
  2. I get bored, stop playing for a period then return a few weeks/months later (usually with new patches/dlc) and go back through the process and fall back in love with the game.

IMO the game has more content than ever before thanks to these recent patches, but it’s missing that X factor gameplay which keeps people playing long term. ARK has this due to dino taming - the sheer amount of dinos and different utility they bring to the game, not to mention the time investment to get them adds ridiculous longevity to the game (but it’s inferior to Conan IMO). Conan took a step in that direction with the pet system, and being able to customise thralls certainly goes down that path too. But they’re much easier to obtain than ARK’s dinos and so arent as much of an investment to keep you actually playing.

The game basically needs a gameplay system that keeps people playing. A repetitive yet enjoyable activity of some sort. I’ve thought long and hard about it and i cant come up with an answer. One thing that did cross my mind was introducing a sort of global, per server leaderboard, or tally - something that gives people incentive to be visibly ranked at the top of the server. This kind of thing is very important to PVP players - it’s essentially the unwritten goal of alphas clans - and also incentive for smaller clans to knock them off the throne. I think something like that could help PVP servers at least.


It needs replay value and a reason or ability to do things different on various play through. There is not a lot of reason to replay the game if you are just going to rush to Sep City every single time anyway.

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That was the initial purpose of the purge, it was ment to be a HUGE army of stygian who would cross the Exiles land from (i think) North of Sepermeru to i don’t know. It would had forced player to team up regardless of anymosity in order to survive that.

I suggest we start a brainstorm thread in order to find a good gameplay loop that would be enjoyable for PVP as well as PVE


About OP statement, i tend to enjoy the game with friend, solo is a bit dullness…
But it’s fine since there is a lot to do in order to sustain my thirst of build !
(would like to make a note about rp builing on pvp serv btw, you guys should try, the more gorgious it look, the less you will be raid/raid off^^)

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So, on my server to break up the monotony, I started building my own sort of adventures.

  1. I put a vault with random items in it, surrounded it with triple skull Bosses and took a screenshot with 1 part of the location in the background so you could potentially find it on the map without giving out to much info. Sadly, out of 40 on my server… I’m the only player left. But if had a server with many, this would be a fun activity as you’ll need to craft explosive to break the vault, you’ll need a dedicated team to battle to bosses… and I did this in every biomes in tricky places…

the game got a breath of life when it went free to play on ps4 but most of them people left. Now its back to wtf do i build next… This game has become my back up game when I have nothing to do. I refuse to buy any more DLC. I used to support this game but the release of random glamor dlc’s after the ps4 plus noobs came and lack of real meaningful content means there just trying to squeeze every penny out of this game before the community leaves. The patch when unnamed city was revamped and we got the fragments of power was the last and only real IMO update we ever seen in this game. If they did a update like that every month this game might be worth something. So to say its getting stale is an understatement.

It’s why I play PvE.
Survival games have always been precarious and unstable.
It really just boils down to which one has the right kind of flaws.

Homogenous content is a deadly flaw.