Is it possible to get T4 Zath priest on Mistra's Zealots purge?

Well after giving up to get an t4 zath priest on exiled land, some player told me he got serka on a mitra’s purge, is it possible? How could i trigger a purge on a base, due to i will need build a base on this purge area because my main base is on rocknose purge area. And rarelly i got human purges. Thanks in advance.

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I’ve only found T4 Zath priests in the back of the cave of Sinners’ Refuge (shares the spawn point with Asura T4 NPCs and Mitra priests). I don’t know about purge priests. Maybe someone else here knows.

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I’m sure it is possible, but I am not so sure if it is probable.

Mitra priests belong to the Exiles faction, so a Mitra purge will consist of Exile NPCs.

Zath priests also belong to the Exiles faction, which is why they share the same spawns as Mitra at Mitra’s Serenity and Sinner’s Refuge.

However, whether Zath priests would be listed as special spawns in a Mitra purge (high chance to spawn), or just be random Exile NPCs (low chance to spawn), I could not say.

If you are referring to the Asuras followers purge then I can help. I was building always on the kudo area above the crock world boss. However, years ago I joined @sestus2009 in his official server 3504. Him and his wife have builded a wheel of pain structure, exactly across the place I was always building in my starting days. So this minor “change”, just a few steps away gave me the pleasure to experience for the first time of my gaming life an Asuras purge.
Asuras purge, must be the best of the game because it gives you extremely easy crafters and priests , but the loot is hilarious. Later on I will attach a photo with the exact spot @sestus2009 has builded this structure.
I was always building in this location

I was always building either on the tree or the rock on the left to keep my resources as live as possible.

However the purges I had was hyenas, imps, etc…
@sestus2009 however builded here

On this ledge across the hyenas (I placed a Nemedian foundation with a statue) he builded a house with wheels inside and I accepted the Asuras purge for the first time, good luck.

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I will try it. Thanks!

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I found her at the alter behind the back entrance to the sinkhole. Just across the river from there. Took a few tries, just kill them all, she will eventually spawn.

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