Is the concept of Pets dead?

what is going on with pets i know mounts were mentioned awhile ago but i have not seen much on pets.

They could still happen as a post-launch expansion.

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They put babies in the game, baby hyenas/shellbacks/crocs/rhinos/etc…hopefully they give us the option to raise them and utilize them as pets. They could pretty much act just like thralls, only with different abilities.


yeap was kind of suprised by all this puppis :rofl: even i found a wolf eating from the corps of a dead boar like this kind of thhings

I really hope we get pets at some point. Mounts would be cool too, but I mainly want a hyena pupper

No, the concept of pets is not dead.

In fact, the introduction of young versions of many animals in the latest update has not only helped ‘enliven’ the environment, but could easily pave the way for a fully rendered pet DLC in the future.

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I hope pet taming is in the future would love them to guard my lands in combo with thralls.

With all the models for baby hyenas, wolves, crocs, and birds… they better make them tameable. Even if its just a non-combat visual thing.

Who wouldn’t want those little baby crocs running around in a base?

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I’m hoping for them post-launch as an enhanced revenue stream service for FC actually. I really want a pet spider and wolf as well as a snake or two…

I’d like subscription based GM-curated official servers as an enhanced revenue stream for FC.

As for pets… I wouldn’t mind having a baby croc lazing around on my shoulder.

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