Is The Purge Broken Again

On my dedicated server the purge doesn’t appear to be spawning and I’m using the same purge configs I had the last time I ran my server (which was earlier this year)?

Is anyone else having a problem with the purge not spawning? Is this a known issue?

Exiles siptah both???

My dedicated server is set to the exiled lands map.

Was it fixed?

Yeah. It’s been functional since they fixed it in spring 2019. Still has the problems with spawn points inside objects, failed purge generation, etc etc but it should happen pretty reliably.

I’m the only person/clan on my dedicated server, so as far as I know the purge should trigger as soon as I’m over the threshold and the next period is reached.

It’s always possible that I’m doing something boneheaded, but at this point I’ve tried troubleshooting enough and I know the purge settings I’m using were working Q1 2021. Filing a bug report. I wouldn’t be surprised if the new event system or whatever it is that’s been added for Grave Matters broke the purge. :frowning:

The purge is not broken, but Grave Matters seems to have set restrictions on the times of the purge. On my server, we just turned off the restrictions and we have gotten a purge and the grave matters event still works.

Turns outI didn’t know a no purge zone was added around noob river.

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