Is the purge still broken?

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They (Funcom) claim it works… Almost everyone else says it’s Half-аss works at best.

I’ve played every day in since launch, have had a clan member on every day at purge time. Had a full meter at like day 3 or 4. Haven’t had the messenge and win purge, haven’t had the message and nothing purge, haven’t had the one wave an nothing purge. Nada.

In fact the closest I’ve ever come to the purge is on these forums, complaining about not ever having a purge.

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lol yep what he said. at least on official servers, they say it works right in single player and private servers with a small player base.

My purge meter just hit second line today, still no purge. This will be our 4th if it ever comes. I would say very hit and miss. Public, official PvP server.

That’s why I think they need to take the time restriction off if you got so many people that The Purge either doesn’t know who to hit or there’s so many people that it just hit so infrequently then there doesn’t make a hell of a whole lot of sense to Limited, as long as your Purge meter drops after you get hit should have to worry about being chain attack with purges. Even if it’s just temporary until some of the more inactive people get wiped off the map you know remove the time restriction increase the number of times a day. Pretty simple solution if that’s actually what the problem is

I have the other problem. Purges work and one of my bases is always attacked but when defeated, the purge meter doesn’t reset; it goes down to about 50% soI am getting purges every few days :expressionless:

No matter what I try, Purge never starts (Singleplayer, PS4).

Well I increased the value of attacking purge… (PS4)
I’m always engage by pirates (nothing else)… first time they were undead indeed, I thought it was normal.
After that I’ve always been rushed by naked men and women (still pirates)…
I knew pirates were pervert and I play a priestess of Derketo but, still, maybe but a lil’ armor to protect yourselves idiots ^^

I got my first Purge last night. It was a bunch of undead skeletons (archers and shielded fighters). They spawned between a Tier 2 wall and a Tier 1 wall that I hadn’t torn down yet. They tore it down for me, and my thralls and I beat them down fairly quickly. There was at least one remaining though and it sounded like it spawned into a rock or something as I couldn’t see it or hit it. So I only got one wave and the Purge ended after about 10 or 15 minutes. I didn’t get credit for surviving the Purge which was kind of a bummer, but I was pleased with how well the thralls performed.

I’ve had 2 purges since launch.

One was an army of imps - they didn’t show up. I got the what you’ve read on here about purge completion. Got the 10m warning, a minute later got you defeated the purge, and got the journey completion.

Second was a cackle of hyenas. Apparently a cackle of hyenas = 3 werehyenas, 2 hyenas and 1 archer. Killed all of them. Combat music stopped. No notification the purge ended. No other enemies.

Now, I’m going on 3 weeks of having a full purge meter with no purge in sight.

I have defeated 4 or 5 bosses and filled my purge meter, its been full for 2 weeks.