Purge Bug - first impressions

Dedicated Server (Multiplayer) with mods (all updated) EU

Our first Feedbacks from our players:

  1. Naked purges confirmed (southern Biome)
  2. Purgemeter didn’t decrease after Purge, the player experienced 8 purges, each with several waves one after another before the Purgemeter went down to the half (not to zero) / Meanwhile another player experienced a well functioning purge as it should be.
  3. another player was looking in his event log while he was working in his base and found these entries for purges

The time it’s shown there is exact the time he was working in his base (Jungle Biome/full Purgemeter) But he wasn’t experiencing any purges.

Seems all exile-purge are nacked again.

Didn’t experience failed purges since patches myself. But some nacked guys, yes.
Dogs seemed all in armors, but exiles not.

They know about the naked purges and the fact that most of them are Starving Exiles and we were promised for a hot fix as soon as possible.

After a few hours of today’s playing session the player mentioned above (jungle biome) still gets „Purge starts“ and „purge ends“ notes in his Log without experiencing any purge although his Purgemeter is at his max.
As I told above: Some of our players already experienced a regular purge as it should be.

The player played already 2 hours alone on the server. By definition as you can see in the settings above, the purge should has happened atleast 1x. The log tells the player repeatedly that the a purge starts, but it tells also immediately that the purge ends. It seems that the system repeats to try starting the purge but for what reason ever it ends it immediately.
The player has a full Purgemeter.

Question here: are the other members experimenting purge also alone, or several in a clan. Asking me here if number of player in clan may influence, or the biome, or simply the place.

The Player mentioned above has a clan but it’s a one man clan.
There is another one man clan, which was experiencing a regular purge.
And there are clans with two people which were experiencing the issue I mentioned at the beginning of this thread (the repeating never ending purges without Purgemeter Decreasing)

On my server I was forced to reset the Purgemeters for every player. Once they were purged the meters never reset, and they were hit over and over. One player lost his newish tower, which left his thralls floating, while he was offline. They found it relentless. I myself was offline purged three times in succession, but as the operator that’s what it’s there for, amirite? :wink:

Could you tell me the Commands for the reset?

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From our most esteemed @Multigun:


Is what I used, based on my video replay just now. ETA: For the record, my character is not in a clan, and his meter was reset as well. :slight_smile:

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Though my post is a little outdated now, the server settings I described were changed out for the easier to understand time between Purges settings. But commands should all work.

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Hey there,

Since it is a modded server, we’re still not sure if this issue is on the game’s end or on one of the mods’.
Also, if the server settings are set to a certain low threshold, it is possible that the purge meter doesn’t deplete once it is done triggering.
If this issue happens in an unmodded server (or single player without mods) we would be interested in knowing the specifics of it.

Purge npc’s sometimes appears to get stuck inside rock/foundations etc. Suspect they get “pushed” inside during combat/moving around. There have also been reports from people on my server that normal, (black hand) npc’s in a camp, somehow ended up inside cages during combat.
Edit: This is also reported to have happened with an npc in Sepermeru - he got chased into a cage and could not be reached (player also reports; at least cages now work)

Also (not sure if this is intentional) it is no longer possible to rotate thralls when placing them.

This is on a modded server though.

Overall there is much happiness with this patch amongst the players on my server :smiley:

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What do you mean about threshold? What settings would you suggest from Devside?

My servers are unmodded, but since it’s only happened once I think it is invalid to report it as a bug. In addition, our Purge bars were full during the patch period on the one server (effectively going from TestLive to Live), and due to requests I reset them, which is why I piped up to @TwoJay. Our bars are now creeping back up as normal. The last report I saw was the one player with the broken tower was at ~40%. For further reference, the first-reported Purge was 21 Feb and the last was 28 Feb, and during that time all purged players’ bars were still full, and remained full through the patch.

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