Is the Purge working for you / your server?


PC player here. 1 lvl 60 on a private server and a lvl 30 on a official server.
On private server my bar fills up to maybe 50% but no more and I’ve yet to experience a purge nor a system message warning me about it.

On official server (47) i had a sys msg warning me about purge but no actual purge happened, since then my bar never fills up. Kinda broken system…

WAIT BUT the ■■■■■■ guy (stream) said purges are working… it is probably your video card, not working properly…:joy::joy:


I want a purge, but don’t want one…

On one hand, I want the challenge of all my hard work, building, and gearing to be put to good use…

But on the other hand, I don’t… My Thralls are buggy, half the time they use there weapons, half the time they just stand there while I have to kill w/e has wandered too close to my base…

I just relocated from the Jungle to the Frozen North and can’t move my 30+ thralls from one base to the other without having to babysit them while I travel a literal 10+ Minute Walk…

My base is built for a Purge, but I won’t survive one without the help of my thralls… I really hope they get this fixed soon…

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Had my second purge. Only a week later. This time it attacked a new outpost I built near the Galleon. The only things I had there were a building to host two lesser wheels of pain and some storage boxes to dump stuff into that I could haul back to main bases later. I had started sticking a couple of thralls outside the building. Got a huge influx of locusts. Died many times. A couple of guys from another clan (I’m not in a clan) came over to help. They died many times. The locusts started spawning on the ceiling/roof of the little building. I don’t really understand why the purge picked that base or was much worse than the week before. It seems the algorithm based on my experience is to pick the location that is in the highest level area. Next week if they attack this base I just let it die. There wasn’t enough there to case. Meanwhile my other two bases are in much “souther” safer locales.

Last time I died I lost my body. Had to rebuild everything in my inventory. Weapons, tools, etc. It was really annoying trying to climb on the roof to fight and then getting massive poison doses.

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Hey man, trying those settings on my private server tonight, I’ll tell you all if it has changed anything for us in a couple o days. Hope it’ll make the purges work ! ! :crossed_fingers:

Sorry but this time I don’t agree with you in the slightest.

“programming is a science and we must apply logic math”

Wanna check this thread? Weather system? Rain? Armors getting wet?, where I provide the most senseless and mindblowing fix to weather not working, which is almost sorcery-like fix, and count how many people, included myself, are finally enjoying weather system, thanks to not applying logic?

How my "anecdote" becomes evidence for 3/4 of the people that tried the fix in that thread?

I don’t know where you wanna get with that “maths / anecdote” remark, but as you can see, it has been easily debunked.

Living proof of what? There are many players (as you can see not only in your poll, but in this thread created almost a month ago) that have working purges. I also had 2 working waves during purges. We are all the living proof that Purge is not a myth (lol) but also that it is far from working as intended.

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Whoa whoa whoa, you read me all wrong mate. I’m saying we need to hold this project to the same standard as they seem to be using vs you on Twitter. I’m actually quite in agreement, due to the inconsistency of my personal results.*

* Which themselves suffer from anecdote issue, until we have sufficient data. :slight_smile:

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Official server #1744 purge doesn’t work.

Spider purge worked, but since then I’ve gotten hyena/ice giants/imps/forgotten clan/ and other’s I can’t remember that says they were defeated about 30 seconds after getting the notification

Official 2811 no purge ever. Had a full meter for about 3 weeks. This is just one of several reasons I’m the only man left standing in what was once a 10 man tribe.

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Aaaand I finally decided to remove Purge after spending so much time fixing it on my private server.

Since we had finally been able to have them spawn, we decided to go for some actual defense by erecting T3 walls, recruting a lot of archers to place them on top of these walls, crafting doors, and essentially walling ourselves behind a big long high solid wall. Took a few days, and since we played outside of the time restriction I put, we didn’t get purged.

Finally, we had an undead purge coming for us. Icon on the map : they would attack one of the door. We gather there, we wait, purge starts… No ennemies. No instant victory either.
After a few minutes, we realized the purge had spawned well inside the walls, directly on top of one of our houses ( some were even on the roof ). All thralls, except the weaker ones (??) had been killed, most crafting stations destroyed, one house half crumbled.

Needless to say, while we’ve been very patient so far with the endless stream of bugs or unfinished features, having spent days on erecting defenses only to have our town razed by a purge that didn’t spawn where it was supposed to, quite put an end to our adventure. Had we have some walls destroyed legit in battle by a purge more powerful than we were prepared for, it would have been something else…

So yeah, no more purges. It’s just not playable in this state.


This is the only kind of purge i have ever “encountered”, even though my purgemeter have been maxed, since shortly after release.
I’m on official server #1208

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for my part, never saw any purge on my SP, this with different settings i tried.

On my server, i had one only purge, this at the noob-river on an island. Several imps-attacks, in different waves, last was the imp-boss. All easily handled by my thralls without my help, but they focused mostly on one altar i have in this smaller base.
Then no more purge at all, this with purge-meter still full, no more resetting. I had no more alarms, and nothing happened.
I tried standart settings, altered settings in different ways, but no change, no second purge. Meter is simply blocked at full-state, and that’s.

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I got purge attacked yesterday on my (PC) dedicated RP PvP server. My base is just behind Narrowneck spine in the Nile River new player area. The purge was Hyenas… yea I know I suck lmao. But, the purge lasted about 30 minutes. it was like 5 waves. I was really surprised how long it was. It seemed it was triggered by me logging in after the 75% mark and building something.

two Falchions bracketing messages " A cackle of Hyenas has begun their attack" “The Hyenas are regrouping” “The Hyenas have pressed the attack” Then after a fixed amount of time “The Hyenas have retreated” Purge completed or something like that.

Those demon Hyenas man they got some special Siege damage or something. Two swipes and it knocked out a tier 1 wall. yet my Dafari Fighters sure made good work of them. They seem to target the most accessible largest concentration of chests in an area.

I play on PC almost purely Vanilla. if that helps answer your question.

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What I’ve noticed is thralls won’t engage until their Owner is hit or the base is hit. It seems they’ll let random passerbys walk through the base. Great for Role players annoying for Pvpers. Even if they stand in that boxing position they’ll pull out a convenient weapon they have in their inventory. The problem is that they don’t always pull out and equip the the shield they have after the first wave. You’re better off giving them 2 handed weapon until they fix that shield bug in my opinion.

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I’ve played around 100 hours solo and on official pve and pvp servers, I have never seen a purge triggered on myself. The warning Purge coming, never initiated, despite my purge bar being full for days.

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see now if it’s followed by a second purge and more.

I mean, i had also one, but then meter is full, and never an other purge happened to me.
The first was fine, also my thralls handled it alone, so for this one no complaint at all. But it’s was the only.

I finally got a working purge yesterday on #1976 official server, maybe. I saw the message: “A forgotten clan is attacking”. Had no 10min previous alert, neither red cross in the map. I couldn’t wait I had to do something else and logged off. When i came back later, the purge meter was at half. No damage to the base, no killed thralls. Maybe my only berserker protecting the gate managed the whole purge? Dont know. At least was a progress compared to the other times.

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same pattern, but with survival server. (small 10slots server), several mods, but tested also without mods.

One purge, on the noob-river, then meter still full, but nothing happen.

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It could be the base location issue and NPC pathing problem. If your base is in a really clever spot, the wave can’t finish because the enemy wave NPCs will get stuck. Especially so if your base is very well designed and inaccessible. I had my base in a relatively simple spot so it just took a while for the hyena’s try and flank me from an odd angle. I feel like this is a NPC pathing issue.

no, i have several bases all over the map, the most are realy easy accessible.
Tested this also with pur pve-bases, with nearly no wall, open all side.

One purge working, then the meter is blocking at full state. No alert, no nothing at all.
Some people may have alerts, i don’t have them after the first one.

exemple, little base at Skyholm, in the north, no wall, very simple.