Is there a guide to how Isle of Siptah works now?

I started playing this DLC recently and there seems to be so much about it that’s just not explained anywhere (or perhaps I’m not looking hard enough). I’ve been playing Exiled Lands for years, but apparently that hasn’t really prepared me for all the new stuff like Surges, the Maelstrom, Eldarium etc which I just find plain confusing and a little frustrating.

Is there a good guide anywhere to how all the new aspects of Siptah actually work?

The wiki is unfortunately a bit out of date on Siptah stuff, especially since the 2.3 & 2.4 updates. I was also hoping to avoid having to alt-tab out of the game all the time to read up on what I need to be doing, as that sometimes crashes my game. I was hoping for a kind of complete guide that I could read that would go over all the important aspects and how they work.

I assume by journals you mean items we have to search for around the map and memorize when we find, like the lore journals you find on EL? I’m not sure I have the patience for that :sweat_smile:

Maybe Siptah just isn’t for me… :laughing:

Just explore and play the game, you will stumble upon the things you can do.

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Thats the problem though, exploring on Siptah is really boring so I mostly just end up staying around my base and building it up. If there was more of a reason to explore certain areas, like there was on Exiled Lands with its overarching story and varied biomes, then I probably would do, but the whole island just feels really samey everywhere you go so I don’t feel much of a drive to investigate every inch of it. Everything I need to build my base is within a very close radius around me and theres nothing giving you a reason to go to specific points beyond that. Without knowing more about the mechanics of the island, its largely just random, blind exploration and that doesn’t feel rewarding on this map.

I was hoping that if I could read up on the various key aspects of the island then I’d have more of a reason to go looking for certain things. I mean, there must be some sort of general aim to the island, isn’t there?

But, as I understand it, all the vaults are level 60 dungeons now so theres no point in venturing to any of those yet (I’m level 40). Theres not much to do at the tower it seems. And from what I’ve seen the new NPC camps seem to be largely just for collecting thralls. I have no idea how to use Leyshrines either. What else is there?

I never had this much trouble getting into Exiled Lands…

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Not sure what to tell you. I feel the opposite as you regarding Siptah, especially in comparison to EL.

The core game is still the same, nothing is drastically different on Siptah. There are opportunities to rescue NPCs, dig for loot, or summon surges but that is about the largest difference aside from there not being any ‘story’. Removing your bracelet in EL is hardly exhilarating or engaging.

I did recently start a fresh character with the 2.4 update and started running vaults at level 45 with steel weapons.

There are items in the world you can interact with and pick up and the grey ones pools. Forge of the first men, and eldarium weapons/armor to collect and craft.

It’s still very much the same game.

A few reasons to leave your base.

  • See the different places, just for the view.
  • Hunt for thralls
  • Explore the vaults\ dungeons\ farm eldarium.
  • Find recipes\farm recipes.
  • Hunt for pets.
  • PVP\Raid.
    I found it rather fun to find the figurines, to collect them, just to have done it (Yes, i collect things, dont judge me).
    I also have 1 greater of each pet that ive found…
    Lots of these things, if not all, can be done before lvl 60. But most games start at max lvl, i feel the same about this game.

About Leyshrines, there is many many guides on it. But written and youtube videos. Watch\read one before you enter the game and you kinda cant go wrong. No need to alt\tab.

you seem like the guy that likes to look for things, use this map :wink:

Now this is my point of view but this is exactly the same as exiled lands, just that isle of siptah is simply more thrilling to visit, because its newer and has so many cool basespots, even for pvp.

Sorry for the wall of text. I`m tierd… Point is - Siptah = Better map overall. Like it or leave it :wink:

I dont know what they decided to explicitly state vaults are level 60 dungeons. They are essentially the same as they were when EA opened. All you need is a decent thrall and some patience, I run them in a farming build with survivability you could match at level 40.

Every vault has an associated weapon and armor set, as well as a sigil that provides some character bonus.

As for your question, there is A LOT to explore and discover on the map. However the wiki and interactive map are borderline useless. You’re better off going out exploring and asking on the forums or in game when you find something you arent familiar with. Since my return about a month ago I still havent explored probably 1/2 of the new island and havent bothered touching the east side of the island.

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