Is there a hammer that is comparable to Sword of crom?

I am looking for a warhammer comparable to the Sword of Crom in damage output. With the nerfs to World Breaker so far I have had no luck. is there one out there?

Aside from blade of the seven winds what out there still has 100% armor pen?

one of the best hammers is the vortex which in addition to having good damage and penetration offers more than 5 vitality and more than 5 of damage. it is one of the most used hammers in PVP because it guarantees the achievement of characteristics

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only the blade of the four winds offers 100% penetration

I think that i 've just heard something new here. Can you please give me some more info about this vortex hammer. For example, where you farm it? Thank you

in nameless cities, just kill the various bosses and you will see that sooner or later you will have one

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Oh i remember, yes. The hammer that you take from the skeleton boss on the top bridge. Yes it is a decent one, still it is not better than Ranisan. Ranisan has better dmg and armor pen.
Thank you for your immediate response, i really appreciate it :+1:

if you want there is also the chromed hammer obtainable in the basement of the warmaker by killing the various bosses inside. offers more 5 strengths and 5 grains

I meant grit

try it and then you’ll agree. xD

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Crom hammer. Its like 57 dam and 33% pen.

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you don’t understand, it is the 5 of strength and the 5 of determination that guarantee you the achievement of some perks such as bringing strength to 50. we don’t speak the same language unfortunately

the blade of the four winds is for losers who considers killing the player with 100% penetration.

ranisan is good but offers no advantage. what do I do with a drop of damage and penetration if I can have a hammer that guarantees me 10 total characteristic points?

I believe that the extra strength is the catch here and i can understand your point. Still i don’t use hammer because it is 2 handed and i always need a hand free for torch or shield. I am a farmer, i hate pvp, sorry, for me the mace is doing exactly the same job with hammer.
Thank you for replying

I have a total of 20 ranisan. it is perfectly useless compared to the chrome and vortex which are the best …

it is necessary to apply the adaptation of the upper weapon to improve both the damage and the penetration. one question, are you a pve player? surely you are. and I waste time explaining certain things

Why are they losers?

because they look at the word 100% penetration and think they have screwed the world. fight in a pvp server with that sword and we’ll talk about it

I was merely pointing to the name of the weapon so people could wiki it. I dont know where all the hate comes from.

I don’t see any kind of hatred in what I wrote. I simply disagreed. you must be one of those who likes to wreak havoc. no problem