Is there a mod that will allow pets to roam, graze?

I find it strange that there isn’t a setting for pets to roam and graze. I’ve built a pasture for them, enclosed for their protection, and it would be nice if you could see them eat, walk around, etc. Thanks.


I wish we had this option. It would be really cool. Bring it to the suggestion section, you already have one vote :+1:

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a SimCity version of conan? Where you can build and bring to life your own towns/kingdoms?

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I completely agree that this is the kind of thing that is holding Conan back. People often underestimate how much small details like the A.I roaming around, even if just creates the illusion of it “doing something” instead of just standing idle untill commanded to stand somewhere else, can do wonders for a game. Makes the world feel more alive and helps players to project character onto the pixels on screen.

Something as simple as wild creatures having a food and water stat that goes down and dictates whether to graze or head to a water source, the A.I could literally randomize when it does an eating animation, say every 10 minutes it has a chance to do an eating animation until it reaches a maximum time limit where by it is forced to perform one, this isn’t too hard to code ( although I don’t know the methods the A.I is coded in game, but it would create the illusion of life, something as small and simple as that would make people go oooh and aaaah.

The small details are where one finds true beauty, this applies to more than just games.


Imagine how beautiful it would be to leave your pet in front of your fireplace and after awhile you will find it relaxing in front of the fire. When you look the animals from a distance most of the times they are eating of lay to the ground. I would love them to have the same behavior in my house.


And idle thralls left in your base should go sit against a wall if there’s no chair, or maybe gather with other thralls instead of standing like statues.
Maybe that will happen when the thrall limit is implemented?
Crossing my fingers


Doubtful, in terms of it happening at the same time. Stuff like that will only happen with (significant) improvements to the AI system. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it appears to be an area that may well see improvement moving forward (it seemed fairly high on Alex’ list, but naturally that’s not a guarantee of anything happening or when).

That doesn’t mean there’s no link whatsoever between improved AI and the Thrall Limit though: It’s certainly possible that implementing the limit is a prerequisite to even consider upgrading the AI. Some clans have been using literally thousands of thralls previously, and it would naturally bog down the server something awful to process all those.

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It would be amazing, but i don’t think that our current game can do that, even with mods.

Fallout 4 has some decent mods that achieved that, but now lets compare the (mediocre but useable) radiant AI with conan’s AI.

Does anyone remember Funcom’s first attempt at creating “living fauna”?
Some time ago, they decided to have predators aggro on preys. Next thing that happened is that there wouldn’t be any gazelle left because they would get murdered by crocs and hyenas as soon as they spawned in.
I think the next step had been to remove the aggro system altogether… :man_facepalming:

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