Interactive animations for tames please and more followers allowed

I am used to playing a game for many years where my tames actually notice as I approach. this makes the game more immersive for me. in conan however, once tamed the beasts stand like statues even when they follow you there is no sense that they are aware of you. simple head turns in ones direction are helpful.
Also WHY the limitation on how many can follow? I dont get this. its so behind the times. Im used to taking a pack of heynas or other beasts with me wherever I go. its a lot more fun that way for me. I see you can get to two somehow but thats not as much fun as 4 or 5. especially as a solo player in a game that makes it very difficult to reach out to others on the server without leaving the game. Id rather have my animals tbh.

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I agree with you for the animations… regarding the number of followers the game is PVE or PVP and must be for every type of gameplay, if you want more followers use the mod better thralls…as far as I remember there was a mod I used when playing solo that did animations on thralls as well

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Any idea about the motive devs don’t implement those options in game? At least in Single Player. We console users don’t have mods, so we really are stuck with no choice. Even with the new perk added on 3.0, the trade off is too nasty. I can understand the limitation online, but in Single Player mode at least we could have the possibility to enable an option like that. In Skyrim there was a mod that allowed us to have multiple followers (up to 10) and another to give mounts to them. It was so cool traversing the land with a small army! :smile:(even if with Sony’s stupid restrictions the mod was available for PS4).
I long for the day that Funcom can convince Sony to allow mods or that they make similar stuff available on the BLB.


agree, I couldn’t go back to consoles for that reason

Animations use memory. Thus more animations would cause mre strain on systems already chugging to load textures correctly.


Yeah, they need to work on that. Fallout 4 dealt with it.

Fallout 4 does not have even close to the same amount of interactive world(harvesting, crafting, building etc.) as Conan Exiles does, so a comparison isn’t really fair. :slight_smile:

That’s right, but Funcom should be above Bugthesda for a matter of self respect! :smile:
Fallout 4 was a very good game, but completely different and less interactive indeed. But I don’t care about fairness. I care about having a small army following me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Anyway, there’s much more important stuff Funcom needs to do. I’m mainly joking. If I could play the game smoothly as it is, I would be enough pleased, because now it’s a broken mess.
But if you guys keep finding excuses for them, the game will never be as good as it could be.

Yeah with 3.0 they seem to have misplaced or dropped performance and stability somewhere, especially on consoles, but definitely also on pc version, hopefully they can sort it out… At some point :upside_down_face:

I’m not sure exactly what is going on with the console version and why it is working so poorly, but I’ve seen other games with regular updates and changes also having problems with their console versions, perhaps the tech for PS4 and Xbox1 is a bit too outdated for what they are trying to do… I don’t know.

Also I am not trying to make excuses for them, I’ve been critical of them on a lot of occasions in posts, but I also try to be as fair and constructive as possible even though I don’t really like many of their changes and lack of bug fixing.
Personally I am on the edge of just giving up on the game, mainly because most of the friends I got in this game and have played with for years are pretty much all gone within the past 6-8 months.

I cannot help but think that while they did gain a lot of new players with the release of 3.0, they may have lost a lot of veteran players, and with veteran players I mean those that stick to it and still plays the game after the hype has settled and help keep the player count at a decent amount until the next big update arrives :slight_smile:

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best of my knowledge xbox does not have game mods for conan exiles. I have not seen any.

I don’t think so… didn’t know you were playing on console

Amount of animations can be included in “graphics quality” for game client. As far as I know it’s played in client so there is no point limiting it for all players.

So when i go by your base my client would also have to load them correct. So if yoi have a super pc and i have a mid level pc, tmyou could force lag on my side only?

Isn’t it the same as trees and building textures? When I used an integrated video I had terrible lags in the Tundra biome. There were some big bases which I couldn’t pass without “slideshow”. But when I switched to low performance laptop mode I had no lags at all, just bad picture. So I played with decent graphics settings everywhere except Tundra.

sorry I have these kinds of animations ON console WITH another game. its very graphics oriented game and Im not slogging. the dinos only look like they are interacting with you when you are close enough to interact. by the logic of what you are saying then there should be no animations when my pet attacks an enemy. which by the way is way more intensive than my pet simply turning its head in my direction when I approach.

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By your logic there should be infinite Mounrt. Ever notice npcs running towards there spwan point. It calked catchup. So anything running an animation wouldnhave to catchup. No engune has infinite calculation power. The more you put, yhe the more drain.

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