Is there a way to "copy" a base from a save file?


I’m working on a RP server with several other people. One thing we all dread is a “base” we’ve built for the server to be destroyed, which could easily happen with a mod failure as well as from several other glitches (such as if a clan appears to have 0 members, even if it exists, all it’s buildings are instantly destroyed). I was wondering if anyone has the knowledge to find this information in the save files, so specifically this information can be saved?

Furthermore, if it’s possible, it could be really cool to be able to share bases with other RP servers.

If you know someone who is really knowledgeable with sqlite and database files, maybe.

It is not something that is simple to do or an average user would be able to accomplish. You need to find someone who really knows what they are doing, and even than it’s just a theory that it “might” work.

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I think that some sql expert can do it OK. I myself replaced the style of building blocks in one of my bases, from Khitan to Black Ice, using DBBrowser. I think that it’s not too hard to find info on some building with connected building pieces and save it but IDK how to find all the placeables.

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I am fairly sure it can be done. But it’s not trivial to do by hand, nor is ensuring everything matches up nicely (in terms of ids) when you tried to ‘restore’ such a building.

For that matter, ‘a building’ may not necessarily be an easy to find unit within the database.

I don’t know of any tool or utility that enables you to do this, though if one exists I’d be interested too.

If you’re going to play around with any of this, I recommend backing up the save game beforehand.


It looks so that there are four tables dealing with buildings in DB: buildings, building_instances, buildable_health and actor_position. It looks like if you take corresponding lines from those tables and put all of them into another DB it could work. Of course you’ll have to change owner ID and/or Object ID accordingly. I’m too lazy to check it right now :wink:

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Sounds about right, yeah. I am equally lazy though so haven’t verified .

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I actually have some SQL experience, so this might be something I can figure out. I was sort of hoping somebody else had already done all the legwork, though :smile:


A bunch of lazy cats :joy_cat:

Well if you have a binary column in at least one of these tables you might be screwed since you don’t know what’s stored inside.

I did not check the game.db for a while and I already uninstalled the game.

I still have a server though…

Well, someone has to experiment with it I think :wink:

That sounds like volunteering to me. Thanks for volunteering, @Ko6ka. Very kind of you. We’ll look forward to see your results :slight_smile:

Why not? Me test it manually, share results, and @Mikey makes another toolbox :wink:

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Well I won’t rule adding this functionality out completely, though currently I barely have time to play (in fact I don’t have time at all, I’ve even let my 2+ years official server build decay).

I’m imagining a ghost town with starved thralls and tumbleweeds… all there is to drink is whiskey


As far as I know, there are some tables with BLOBs (Binary Long OBjects). You have to deal with those binary information.

I planned to write a Building Exporter/Importer in C#, but then realised, when you also want to export/import all decorations… it will be a lot more complicated.

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