Copy buildings to single player

It would be nice if you could copy all buildings owned by you/clan to single player mode for 2 reasons!
So that you do not lose it if you go off for a while (from decay) as you spend a lot of time building it just to lose it :frowning:

And to do some offline testing (eg seeing if there’s weak spots)

Please bring this in it would make building nice bases so much more worth it :slight_smile:


Yep I think this would be a great functionality. It’d be useful for people/clans wanting to move from official servers to private ones, as well as from online to offline play.


If they would care for single player, decay settings wouldn’t be default on single player, we would have save slots so we could have multiple map saves and so on.

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As the author if this little thingy Mikey’s Toolbox I can only say I wholeheartedly concur about save slots for singleplayer being a core functionality :wink:


Great idea, would love to see this

But what if you placed buildings on single player and copy building from online to single player but they happen to be in the same spot?

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Yes, I can imagine that because of this reason it must be difficult to implement this functionality. But it would be formidable nonetheless :slight_smile:

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or a way to dowload map from multi somewhere. Loose what you build when you stop a too long period, it’s a pity.

This :paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:

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If its a PVE server, the easiest thing would be an option to download the server save file.

There’s a tool in the wild, more of a hack, to download maps from games running on unreal engine. Much like “world downloader” for minecraft. But beware, it’s a “hacking/cheating” software.

Interesting, but i would prefer an authorized solution. Funcom, please ?

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Maybe, but at least it could be an option for a private server at its starting. This way it would not intrfere with other buildings since the server would still be totally empty.

This was the very first thing I asked for in the prior Question of the Week topic. Would have loved to have the ability to export my and my friends’ bases from the Official we were on before we finally decided to go private…


I like this one.

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