What would you like to see added to the game? (Encore!)


  1. Max lvl up to 80 or even more with new perk , or add some new way to player bee stronger maybe mastery of perks or somtine .
  2. Mastery of weapon for example when you use offen 2h sword you get acces to skill tree with new skils for this weapon.
  3. new map or expand this one ther iss room for this. and this new area will be somtine else not sand , grass , vulkano or snow . somtine totaly diferent .
  4. About legendary weapon for me personaly they are to weak , maybe they are not intendent for pvp but for pve those weapon should be more powerfull .
  5. Stop first add some cool legendary items from new dungeon and then you just Nerf them , this is so bad
  6. Ther are dragon weapon and they are super cool , add new one like 2h axe , and I beg of you Add Armor Made From Dragon Bone .
  7. AI need improvement .
  8. Fix bugs and hitboxes for some bosses .
    9.Add more story , new npc , some quest .
  9. New mounts like sabethoot only you can ride on him .

Search bar to consoles. With the amount of dlcs in the game is really frustrating to craft something specific on the player crafting menu and in the armorer table.


Don’t you dare fix this beautiful bug, Funcom! Few things bring me more joy in life than watching a Rhino rocket into space.


Much of that is very pc centric. Remember there is a whole community of console players out here who cant use mods or F1-4.


  • Better AI, for both, thralls and npcs
  • New dungeons
  • Better main quest (Fix the current one, implement missing parts, add more reasons to go through the quest)
  • A good ending (a good reason to finish the quest)
  • Ragdolls, it’s annoying to watch enemies fly away when yo kill them.
  • Death animation, i hate to see everything i kill set’s to “T” pose before dismemering
  • New map to explore
  • Remove the map room, teleportation only through obelisks
  • Change armor temperature system, and make them logical, it’s not possible that some armors have heat resistance ar all furs and some have cold resistance and it’s almost like going naked.
  • Stats resets should be more limited and difficult to get


  • They won’t count as follower and won’t follow automatically
  • They will have a slot to carry a captured enemy, instead of dragging them with a rope
  • They will have different saddles for different situations (combat, thrall hunting, gathering, scouting, etc)


  • Weapon parry and/or timed guard
  • Spear combo as it was before
  • Change the sword and shield combos, they are terrible
  • New weapon types, (some mods, like emberlight, has bastardswords that work as both 1handed swords and two haneded swords, and hastas, that are basically javelins that you can’t throw with heavy combos)
  • New combos for short swords and great axes
  • No healing in combat
  • No backflip with daggers
  • Quivers for Archers, they shouldn’t carry more that a fixed amount of arrows

Religion System

  • Choosing a religion should give the player something more than some recepies (perks, feats, skills, etc.)
  • You should only have a single active religion at once
  • More exclusive recepies for t4 priests (exclusive armors, potions, warpaints, etc)


  • No buildings in closed spaces, that’s stupid
  • No wall/roof stacking
  • Balance material costs (is way easier to build with black ice than with regular stone)


  • Legendaries shouldn’t drop so easily, they should be forged by the player
  • Chest in dungeons should have items related to the dungeon and not for buildings (repair kits, weapons, armor, healing items, buffs, etc.)


  • WIth better AI, they should have about the same hp and damage as the players.
  • T4 worker thralls should have less and more specific recepies, they shouldn’t be able to craft anything they don’t know
  • Actually, the player, if she or he wants, should be as good as a t4 thrall, but only in one profesion, (carpenter, blacksmith, armorsmith, alchemy or cooking)
  • Archer and fighter thralls should be the same, only defferent from the weapon they trained with
  • Different perks, depending on the weapon and armor they are wearing

Database Export Service & Database Merge Utility
The one thing I’d most like would be a way for players on any server to be able to submit a request to have a game.db file exported containing only their clan’s holdings from whatever server they play on.

  • Preferably this would be an automated system, with requests placed into a queue that a backend can process at its leisure without affecting the performance of any live servers.

  • Complimenting this service would be a database utility capable of merging two databases together into a single game.db file.

This would enable a few very useful possibilities…

  1. Players would be able to keep a memento of their accomplishments when a server is due to be retired without being at the mercy of its admin.
  2. Players could experiment with their exact builds offline to test purges, defenses, etc.
  3. Most importantly, friends from different clans on any given server could opt to migrate from (say) an Official server to a Private and take all their progress with them. As long as the export requests are all processed from the same nightly backup, etc. then there should be no conflicts preventing them from being re-merged to form the database for a whole new server.

A continuation of my previous list:


:fleur_de_lis: Prestige Levels - Add a visual value to our endgame.

:fleur_de_lis: Level 70

:fleur_de_lis: Rework of Player Perk System.

Weapons & Gear:

:fleur_de_lis: Target Specific weapons or weapon mods.
Gives bonus damage to certain NPCs
Examples: Undead, Dragons, etc.

:fleur_de_lis: Temperature mod for gear, choose the temperature resistance you want for your gear for a truly custom armor experience.


:fleur_de_lis: Bring back Captains & Bandit Leaders as tames, with the Leveling System the reason for removal is no longer valid.


Thats exactly it. Thanks for saying it. Instead of bringing more and more DLC’s and stuff just focus on fixing the game for some patches.

I’m so close to leaving this game behind even tho I like it because for the past months it feels like it got more and more unplayable especially for official pvp. No meshers and exploiters ever got dealt with after I reported it. Even if they leave you can watch them on stream! moving to the next server. Every second guy is using glitched that’s just so frustrating.

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more great axes. It was a good edition for sure, but having the ability to only craft Iron and Star Metal feels really limiting considering there literally stuff like Steel, Ancient, Hardened Steel ect.

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Here we go…

Thralls & AI

  • Rework, improve and expand the AI for enemies and allies alike
  • Commands for thralls like be passive, help knock out npcs, STOP whatever it is you “think” you should be doing! Stuff like that you know :joy:
  • Rework pets to be a worthy companion and a good alternative to a fighter thrall (give them armor?)
  • Smaller animal pens!
  • Patrolling Thralls to help alleviate the culling by covering more ground.
  • Rework the leveling system to not have ACC on a fighter thrall as a final stat PLEASE. Or make a potion to reset the last level of the thrall or just reroll the perk.
  • Dancers NEED to have a option to choose which dance they do.

The Purge

  • Make purges more interesting (they are 100% better than what they were, just continue :heart_eyes:)
  • Add npcs that can climb walls :eyes:
  • Mounted npcs!
  • General bug fixing to make the purge more reliable and not end after 1st wave
  • Would be cool if we never have the same purge happen twice or more. Alternate purges.


  • I think you guys have a good idea what we want with last week’s pole but just some key words would be: Help with Thralling, Dyable saddles, Not followers, the whistle system, Saddle bags, Gates!
  • More mounts, Saber tooth tigers, King elk, Spiders, Elephants, Rhinos etc etc etc

Survival Aspect

  • Sandstorms need sand beast creatures spawn in them
  • Blizzards in the North
  • Rainstorms in the East

Community Favourites

  • Vanity mirror or just a way to change your appearance after creation
  • Armor racks
  • Holding torches in the other hand when dragging a thrall or an alternative just as good as a torch.
  • Armor hot and cold protection rework or removal
  • More hair, beard and face options
  • Additional siege things like battering rams and ballista
  • Musician Thralls
  • New map area in expansion pack form or Dlc
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements
  • Transmog system or just a way to be able to use the beautiful DLC weapons!


  • Make in game Conan taller and bigger than Ladagara Daughter of Ymir !!!
  • Fix the textures in Sep city windows at night
  • Dragon Bone ARMOR
  • New enemies with brand new models and animations
  • More evil placeables like skull torches and thrones and cages with bones :rofl:
  • Allot more Dungeons! Like flesh out the places that look like they should be, the same way the silver mine was done and add a couple more BIG dungeons :star_struck: :crazy_face: :drooling_face:
  • Sorcery but only after all the other things, I would just like to see what this would be in CE.
  • Put that damn intriguing lava worm in game already! :hot_face:
  • Conan’s Father’s SWORD
  • Flying enemies

:metal: :smiling_imp:

(edit: more ideas edit2: more ideas)


I think everyone was hoping this would come up as question of the week :sweat_smile: so many great suggestions already.

A lot of people asked for fixes to the bugs and AI, the overpowered thralls and under-powered animals.

What I would love to see added:

  • Tier 4 Entertainers that are unique maybe they can sing or play instruments or have unique dances or “poses” (animations).

  • I would love to some of the DLC armours/factions as NPC’s in the world, where are the Khitan, Pictish, Turan and Yamatai settlements? So yes another map would be welcome maybe add these settlements to the new map.

  • But before adding a new map, “flesh” out some of the areas on the present map. There are key areas that feel very empty, don’t know the names of all these areas, the temple in the desert for example where you take all the stone pieces comes to mind.

  • I don’t want to complete the quest line only to lose my character and start from scratch again. ARK has an ascension system which allows players to ascend and then reach higher character levels, maybe look at something like this, we can ascend and reach higher level perks (I have seen some suggestions asking for tier 6 perks…).

  • Give us the option to customize our armors, fur lining for cold protection and silk lining for heat protection as an example .

I could go on and on, this game has massive potential and we all just want to see it succeed. :smiley:


1 working AI for thralls
2 a new map

Thanks guys for all the hard work!


The old movement system. Dodging feels like rolling through wet concrete and there is a 50/50 chance you will toss a random kick at the end of it.

New areas, radiant quests from NPCs, slave market to sell thralls in. Generally a 100% better solo/single player experience.

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  1. Bug fixes patch

  2. Better AI for thralls, pets and enemies

  3. Review pets and undead thralls to make them useful

  4. Mounted enemies!!

  5. Widening the current map, if possible widen the edges of the map, so that the current biomes become larger

  6. New 1-2 Biomes or a new Map (the boat on the east coast that bring you to a new map it’s a nice idea!)

  7. New dungeons

  8. Revamp of existing areas


Et oui votre communauté accueille aussi des français.
Je souhaitais vous remercier pour ce travail merveilleux que vous avez fait jusqu’à maintenant pour ce jeu, et quoi que les gens en disent (car les gens adorent se plaindre de ce qu’il ne sont pas capable de faire eux même), vous avez fait là un super jeu.

Je souhaiterais savoir quand vous compter ouvrir la totalité de la carte, afin qu’elle soit jouable.
Avez vous des idées sur de nouvelles populations? et dieux a vénérer ?

Car lorsque j’achète un DLC, j’ai toujours dans l’espoir de voir la carte se dévoiler et d’y découvrir des nouvelles structures, armes et armure, j’ai toujours la foi de voir un morceau de carte s’ouvrir et nous offrir de nouveaux paysages, civilisation…

1 - Peut être serait il envisageable lorsqu’un joueur fait l’acquisition d’un nouveau DLC, il serait intéressant de rendre le contenu découvrable par une quête, qui donne accès à une nouvelles zone qui montre les structure, les armes et armures et que le joueur soit amener à apprendre tout de même les nouveautés par l’exploration des lieux et de donjons, de boss , de tablettes cachées.

Cela donnerai un peu de vie à ce jeu, une histoire cohérente, une suite logique qui rendrait le contenu plus long et intéressant a vivre en temps que personnage.

2 - La plupart des animaux de votre jeu sont apprivoisables, pourriez vous étudier un système comme de monte comme pour les chevaux, ce qui serait super intéressant et amusant, un système de dressage d’un familier pour lui apprendre une spécificité de monte ou d’attaque.

3 - Serrait il possible de choisir les atouts de nos esclaves (combattant, archer). A ce jour les atouts sont choisis aléatoirement (créer un système comme pour notre personnage ou nous décidons où mettre les points attributs.

Je vais arrêter là pour le moment , car j’ai encore plein d’idée et ne vais pas monopoliser le Tchat.

Salutation à toute l’équipe.


And yes, your community also welcomes French people.
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you’ve done so far for this game, and whatever people say about it (because people love to complain about things they can’t do themselves) did a great game there.

I would like to know when you expect to open the entire card, so that it is playable.
Do you have ideas on new populations? and gods to worship?

Because when I buy a DLC, I always hope to see the map unfold and to discover new structures, weapons and armor, I always have the faith to see a piece of map open and offer us new landscapes, civilization …

1 - Maybe it would be possible when a player acquires a new DLC, it would be interesting to make the content discoverable by a quest, which gives access to a new area which shows the structure, weapons and armor and that the player is brought to learn all the same by exploring new places and dungeons, bosses, hidden tablets.

This will give a little life to this game, a coherent story, a logical sequence that would make the content longer and interesting to live as a character.

2 - Most of the animals in your game are tame, could you study a system like riding like for horses, which would be super interesting and fun, a system of training a pet to teach him a specificity of riding or d 'attack.

3 - Would it be possible to choose the assets of our slaves (fighter, archer). To date the assets are chosen randomly (create a system as for our character or we decide where to put the attributes points.

I’m going to stop there for the moment, because I still have a lot of ideas and I’m not going to monopolize the Chat.

Greetings to the whole team.

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More mounts with unique properties. Like the mammoth/elephant/rhino that could harvest wood

Clan log. To see which of my minions died and why

Minion limit counter. To see how many we have and when to start culling the herd

Rebalanced cooking to make the more exclusive recipes actually worth it. Aka some stat buffs. Including general like armour, movement speed, regen


Unique buffs added to each religion. Such as Ymir frost resistance, Set heat resistance, Jebbal damage to beasts, Mitra damage to demons etc. Requires T3 temple with named priest and is exclusive aka pray to one of them only heathens. Something like that

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Err… I don’t think there’s a gentle way to put this, but… you are a thrall, and the guy you think is your thrall is actually the player. Now please get back behind the fourth wall while I fetch my repair hammer in order to fix it.

My wishlist for 2020 (trying to keep it short):

  1. Better AI. Gotta join the band wagon here. Even some simple commands such as “don’t attack people unless I attack them first”, “don’t attack people at all”, “attack everyone on sight” and especially “get out of my way, I’m stuck in this Nordheimer hut because you’re standing in the doorway” would make life a lot better. And improving their environmental consciousness (reducing their suicidal tendencies) now that we are able to name and level up our thralls, making them a considerably greater investment in time. “I Believe I Can Fly” is just a song, don’t try that at home, stupid thralls.
  1. Crafting menu improvements. Some sort of order, whether tabs, folders or something else, is necessary. Every DLC adds more bloat to the single hand-crafting menu. My personal favorite idea is a number of customizeable tabs where we could drag & drop our crafting recipes in the order we want, so every player could order their stuff according to the logic that makes the most sense to them. People have different ways of keeping things in order, and this would let everyone use the method they want.

  2. More cosmetic stuff. Civilian clothes. Beards. Decorative placeables. But these would be just bonus, the first two items are what I feel are necessary - we want to spend our time playing the game, not scrolling through inventories and micromanaging thrall movements.


Accessory Slots - Rings/Earrings/ etc …


I think it’s clear that combat thralls bother two groups:

  • The one that thinks thralls should be weaker, because they think the player has to be the main fighter in combat (usually PvP or PvE-C players) and the thralls just a side help;
  • The one that thinks thralls should be stronger, because they don’t like combat but they want to explore the full exile lands (usually PvE players) and get boss killed with low effort.

How about to create mechanics that:

  • When player has no follower, he gets stronger in combat.
  • When player has a follower, he gets weaker, but thralls became real monsters

In PvP, it would help, because few players will like to be weak in combat depending on a thrall. So PvP will return to be PvP. In PvE, it would be great because the player can choose if he wants to be the hero as a good warrior, or if he wants to be a heroe for being able to have a good fighter on his side.

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