Possible to move buildings between save file databases?

Just asking here in case anyone knows, but is it possible to open/edit the game saves and merge the buildings from one into another? Want to move some large builds I did in an older version to the new save file that my private server is using.

I think you can switch the map (old overwriting new) but beyond that I don’t think so

Fair enough,

I was able to open the gamer saves up in SQLite and see all my build instances and health and such, but just merging the tables doesnt seem to work. It places all the thralls and random decorations(bowls and such) but none of the actual building pieces.

Think the pieces are called to something else that I havent found yet but I’m still trying. Probably need to overwrite what is currently built in game but I have been intentionally not building too much just in case that happens.

If anyone knows anything about the save databases toss it here