Is there a way to "play sound of game in background"?

Is there an option or way to make it so the game sound can still be heard in the background ?

What “game sound” are referring to ??

All Conan Exiles game sound (Full Master Volume) . Or whatever sliders you have set to.

There are audio sliders in the options. You can turn them down individually from what I remember.

But, there is no sound in background option.

“Sound in background”…Not sure what you mean by that. Any sound can be turned down or up in Conan.

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Sound in the background happens is even if the game is alt-tabbed or not the foreground program the sound is still able to be head through your sound system.

Oooh, ok, I see what you are saying. Other than turning things down or muting it, no I don’t think there is.

Yeah, which is weird as much games have this now standard, even indie games.

I never thought about it but now that you mention it, Your right, lol. Well, maybe one of these days. :wink:

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I might be how the audio is coded though I am not sure about this specifically though. I am not sure what it takes to have all the sound channels line up correctly in competition with other programs running at the same time on OS.

I wonder if there is an Unreal Engine sound setting for that?

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Now that I need to look into . Thank you.

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I found this with a bit of GoogleFu.

Link to Steam Community.

AFAICT (I’m not an Unreal developer, but this “feature” ^H bug appears to affect all Unreal games), this is controlled by the “UnfocusedVolumeMultiplier” Engine.ini setting, which defaults to “1.0” when not set. See for example

Please either:

  • change this value to 0, so that game audio does not mute when Raw Data is the background app
  • make this setting user configurable

Now, @Funcom_Community is this .ini setting change against the ToS ? I will maybe need to do some research otherwise. Thank you for looking that up, btw.

It really shouldn’t be, but it didn’t work for me, so they may have not implemented it for CE. :-/

Good point .

There are several audio device remapping, redirecting, and repeating utilities available on Windows. You could use that to “mix” the game sound with the system sound and direct it to the default audio device. That might work.

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Good idea thank you.

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Heck, the volume mixer for Windows actually does have a toggle option to mute it and not other games, but it is annoying to manually do.