Is there any penalty in dying? Other than dropping all of your stuff

@drachenfeles unless you are on Siptah and either don’t have any sigil or have too many of the fiend…

Losing your followers. They LOVE to hide underground after you die and respawn!


@rolee9309 worse is when you try to rescue them, it says they have just been attacked and you have to wait x time…


Is this a thing? I mean I play single player only, and such case never happened to me. :open_mouth:
Occassionally I got surprised when I get back to them, and they either die of falling underground and hitting the bottom of the map, or the enemies kill them (because they are low level or have low HP).

Well if thats not enough we can add losing experience and de leveling a la Evercrack right?


I could add an other penalty: the 10 seconds respawn timer in single player!

I just came here to say that. :joy:

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There is and old game of conan (2004 i think) that when you die and if you want to continue you have to fight, its a crom´s test, if you are worth to continue living.

The way a death penalty should work is when you die, you lose 25% (adjustable by server setting) of your exp in your current level (meaning if you are at 10%, you lose the level and 15% into the previous one). Then have level 60 have 2x the exp into it as 59 allowing for a bit of wiggle room for those who spend the time into filling it. If you de-level, you keep any feats spent, but they temporarily deactivate until you relevel.

that would make sense if progression had any meaning, like in 7 days
plus I would prefer some other form of debuff for dying, but current systems hardly support any

right now widely screamed ‘I can’t heal in combat’ is countered by just die and respawn, you’ll be at full health and ready for action with no material cost, you also pop back your equipment on a button press, so really it is more like keep playing has more penalty to it then keep dying

This is supposed to be a secret, but each time you die your thralls laugh their ass off like mad. :shushing_face: You just can’t see it because you’re in the loading screen. The bastards… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Or most common one… Gravity…

Just can’t get my character to move to wall face to grab on… and SPLAT.

I tend restart my save when I die…

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Shame indeed.

Yesterday, after returning from a long break (because my mouse arm had a nervous condition that prevented me from playing) I finally managed to bypass the bug that prevented the Degenerate from spawning, got the Trapezohedron and had all the artifacts needed to craft the Keystone.

On my way to the altar I stopped to watch a beautiful sunrise, realized it would be the last sunrise I was going to see in the Exiled Lands, and decided to take a selfie.

I blame the long break for making me forget how the game works, forgot to turn off the vanity camera after taking the screenshot, and promptly jumped off the cliff where I was posing for the shot.

So now I understand how some people fall off cliffs when taking selfies. It’s a dumb way to go, kids. Don’t do it.


Here it is, the, um, view to die for.


Well in online gaming you have more reasons to jump from a cliff, it is called “lag”. At the time you are running, if you lag, your character keeps running the direction you were on. So last time I was running with my horse to go on sinchole and take the map room (of another player) to travel on the mount of the dead with a Grrr Legbiter bounded on my chain bindings. I lagged…

My horse, me, my thrall and Grrr did a Salto mortale to the sinchole…

Ofcurce I couldn’t see it, but surely if someone else was there he could witness the Salto mortale …

My horse died, I died, my thrall was fighting the champion dragon and I was running naked to gain my loot back :man_shrugging:.

The funny part?

Grrr wake up and I had to take him down again, this time in the arena of the sinchole :rofl::rofl::rofl:.