The Most Dangerous Situation in the Game

I don’t know why, but my most dangerous foe in Conan in the beast known as Log in. I die 8 of 10 times I log into the game for the first time after server reset.

I always strip myself and put away all weapons before I log out, so I’m not losing anything. I just log in and find my corpse in the bed, with the reload countdown in progress.

Anybody else have this issue?


What does the log say when this happens?

I saw a few post from others speculating, wild temperature changes as the cause (armour or lighting) and the buildings not loading fast enough causing the character to be killed by the environment or by other players (depending on game mode).

Some other people with the issue and other suggestions on the main update topic:

Yes, the PC players :wink:

On PC, it’s been the “popular wisdom” for months now that you don’t want to log out on top of your bed. If you do, there’s a chance you’ll wake up dead.

Personally, I’ve only had that happen to me once or twice, but other people report it happens to them more frequently.

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I have had it once a couple months ago on Ps4 official pve server. My wife plays on 2 pve official every day and to my knowledge hasn’t had it happen. They are USA server’s one resets 5AM EST logs for 5 minutes or so and goes back in.

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This is what I log in to see: All the players of the server’s unconscious bodies piled up in the Warmaker’s Dungeon. I’ve been to a couple orgies back in my day, but this is nuts.

I make a roof in center of my home, with chest up above on small ledge for my gear. So my character will be on solid ground or on a ceiling tile. Havnt had much issue after doing this. (thou most of my winter homes, I will log in near frost bitten, so gotta log out in some spare fur armors)

Pretty sure its do to Beds and tables etc being later on load order, or your character being stuck inside object and dieing. Or warmth of home not kicking in till much later.

I put it in same category as “Load Screens” Deaths like Teleporting or Exiting some dungeons were your loaded in, before you even can see yourself… and enemies/weather get free hits on you.

Ones of those fixes, we need to be invincible till we touch are character after teleporting/logging in deals.

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On the rare occasions I see the screen before death, I’m usually falling through space.

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