One life per character

Tired of dumb strategies that abuse death meaning nothing. Suggest PVP-Hardcore…1 life and you have to restart if you loose it. No clan connection, no attributes/feats and you start in the desert with nothing.

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Interresting point, but your suggestion is too hardcore.

I think we should limit the number of “remove bracelet” to 1 or 2 per day, so only when you are blocked with a bug.

“remove bracelet” is not a way to travel :slight_smile:

Perma-Death was great. Age of Conan has something close. Every 20 levels you do not die, you get rewarded.
Never will see that in exiles.
We played perma-death MMOs in the 90s, the dawn of the MMO.
AO changed that, afterwards it was rinse and repeat.

So if you get stuck or something because of a bug more than 1-2 times during a day you should need to start over? Sounds like a lot of fun. Not.

I really like this concept. Makes you a lot more careful.

This sounds like an awesome idea for a mod.

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dude, you hit the nail on the head.
A perma death mod. Me likes it.

On some modded servers you get “courage” which gives you more damage per mobs. If you die, you lose them all.
So someone has a mod close to that now.

I do not die any more, after a few years of play you are amazed when you die.

I do agree that if FUncom sent more time on bugs would be needed.

How come in the late 90s there were perma death games that had no bugs?

I played one game I died every day for a week. Then I learned how no to die.
Run two toons thru the entire campaign without dying.

In AoC it took 11 deaths to get first level paragon.
Its way harder to solo the second level.

Only thing at risk, you life.

I had that idea to create such a mod.

But got lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Okey, I guess you not play PVP then. Have a hard time to believe u never die in PVP.

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That’s the problem…you can’t even comprehend PVP without dying. I haven’t died while raiding yet and the only time I have died while being raided was when they assassinated my body since I was offline. It’s possible to PVP while not dying but you have to be smart. If you do ‘hulk smash’ tactics, you die and there should be a punishment for carelessness.

I really wanna see you do PVP without dying.

Hit and run with distractions. Oil and explosive arrows to kill anti-climb and areas where explosives can’t be placed…quick treb building (still have the hour minimum to deal with but keep them distracted with your other members) with previously made foundations as base/tower depending… Acid arrows to destroy gas masks and then followed by poison arrows to deal with thralls. Gods actually make it easier to do. Think outside of the box…be patient and flexible in your planning…you can actually gain some real world benefit by doing so and getting your brain involved in your button mashing. The point is that because of the death-is-meaningless aspect of the game, people get lazy in their tactics. The result is the clan with the most time on their hands and the most members will always win because there is no penalty for being careless. That’s a very dumb game that caters to the weak of mind…which could explain why a majority of these multi-server clans all have the same MO of Middle School taunts and behavior.

Furthermore, it makes critical failures more critical and forces developers to fix the issues vs ignore them as you linked the game point with your character’s life.

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