Is there any penalty in dying? Other than dropping all of your stuff

Pretty much the title.

Buffs or any sort of temporary boost is lost.

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Potentially losing all your stuff, depending on how and where you died.

The penalty for dying is loss of all of our gear, loss of all of our buffs, potentially loss of our follower, and only 50% health upon respawn. That is punishment enough.


If are leading to Valhiem reference, then no. Nothing of that nature. And it really doesn’t fit Conan game.

Dying in PVe is rare unless one of 3 things

  1. Lag…probably 90% of My deaths against PVE.
  2. Trying to run thru mobs button mashing. Kite and kill is best way, and if you rush into a mob you get what you get.
  3. Pull bracelet…usually to return quickly to base or between bed roll area and bed area.

Shame and humiliation at being killed by a lesser creature…damn hyenas…


The vault sigils in Siptah can be lost and you’ll have to redo all the vaults again.

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People think that PvE players never die, but the fact of the matter is we die all the time. There are numerous scenarios in which we die. For example, World Bosses such as the white tiger and giant snake. The skeletons in the wine cellar dungeon can 1 or 2 shot people. Some corrupted enemies such as wolves are formidable. Getting mobbed or encircled then stun locked to death by human NPCs is another, same with all of the hostile wildlife at places such as Eyelet Lake. other times it may simply be a matter of losing concentration or an ill timed healing potion. Although I am sure some of the other members here will tell us that they havent died since 2018, and win every encounter they have on Barbaric with no points in vitality, using only their toes and with the monitor switched off.


Not saying it doesn’t happen. But reality is once level 60, dying is the furthest thing from mine and most seasoned players. Which is why Funcom doesn’t need to spend valuable time making it something it does not need to be. So again, my thoughts are with pve and not adding a punishment for death.

There’s also the cat wants attention and wants you to know it by standing on your keyboard. :wink:


Honorable mention goes to “dodging sideways while fighting on the bridge to the Black Galleon”. I swear, I’ve died more times to that than any other reasons combined.

Maybe I should try to play using only my toes and with my monitor switched off. At least then I’d have an excuse for repeating the same mistakes over and over again.