Is there any Viable ranged pvp spec?


Like the title asks, have you had any luck going ranged for team pvp?
If so, what gear do you use, and how many points do you put in what?

I’ve tried bow builds since the game came into life in 2017 on EA, although bows are said to be a “support weapon”, with high dmg bow&arrows and the right build (40 in accuracy minimum, 30 or 40 in Str) it can be deadly in the hands of someone with good aim.

But, with the existing bugs on perks (crevice in the armor does not take effect), the arrow bug (arrows won’t fly when alternating fire, light - heavy) and hitboxes ( you hit your target but it just pass thro them, happens a lot with headshots), it is really hard to be 100% effective with a bow on pvp because of that.

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There is a good discussion of a ranged build in this thread.

This guy gives good info

Yes. The bow is viable. It is my go to. I do things a little differently than the guy above as making all of the buffs are not as efficient and quite cumbersome. Also way to situational for me.

My build is versatile. But buff can be used to make it better.

If FC ever decides to make cold accuracy armor that isnt Heavy (Hyrkanian) or mixed stats (Lemurian) then you are good to go. Mine is cheap and easy.

31 strength (buff with Kambujan to 40 for stronger heavy bow attacks. Only use in cold environments. Turan is second best is you cant ger Shedelzare or someone who makes flawless Kambujan.) Keep in mind that this also helps your melee output should you need to switch.

Often I’ll run a legendary shield with the axe of the lion for an extra + 5 strength. Further buffs can get you close to 50. But what you have is more than enough.

Carry Whirlwind Blades, Havoc and Malice or the Grim. You can use any DLC daggers if you don’t have access. Reaper Poison on all your melee. Or scorpion.

You could use a pike. But I am boycotting them.

You only use the Kambujan in the cold. Only.

10 agility. This is a debate as high stamina can negate the need for the sprint cost reduction. You could theoretically just put into Grit. But. This is what I am spending.

20 vitality. As an archer you should really not be engaging In melee. At all. So yiur goal is to cripple and slow. Hopefully the enemy is far out of stamina before they get near you offering a strike. Thus a smaller HP Pool. I am also taking in account that you should have a thrall tanking for you.

Accuracy 31. ( buff to 40 with Pict Wizard or Stygian Raider Flawless. This is your main go too. Attempt to get Jhebal Sag and drink a hunters potion. Throw in a Huntress or eye of Khan for above 50 in accuracy. You could reduce your points in accuracy because of all of these buffs. But remember part of your time is in strength. And you want the 10% bonus damage on all range added by the 3rd perk.

Light attack like a machine gun. Aim for the legs. Once slowed aim head.)

Grit 21 (buff to 30 wearing flawless Vanir. This is good for thrall beating. You still have the strength bonus for light attacks. The 10% from accuracy from range and now resistance to damage. This is handy in many cases and I like this set up if I know there will be a lot of mobs or PVP. Heavy attacks in PVP are difficult to land. But you can light attack more with this.

Encumbrance 19.

0 survival.

In both Pict and Stygian you can have 50 accuracy while permanenly wearing a gas mask.

Now with the right blend of armor you can have 40 strength and 40 accuracy. For example. Running Darfari Light. Pieces and a gods eye. Along with the Huntress and a Jhebal Sag potion. If crevice in the armor starts working again then your melee and range is solid because of pen.

In that same theory you can do that with grit as well for 30 grit and 40+ accuracy.

Mix your armor and you can get 40 strength, 40 accuracy and 30 Grit if you use Bessies bow. You might just need an elixer to balance it.

Alternatively you can forgo the 1 extra point in grit or strength and put it in vitality for 21 and obtain the 3rd perk for the regen. But my goal is to not get hit. But you can do that. You just need flawless freebooter or the DLC Aquilonian armor.

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Most of the time as archer you don’t need the gas mask. And I agree with the stamina/agility spend. As an archer, the last thing u want is to not be able to run away and since range is your greatest ally, being doubly good at it helps.

Best defense against archers, cold weather :crazy_face:

True. We suck in cold weather.

Gas mask is still standard. People Will attempt to fire back. And its easier to do with something that does not miss.

Overall count for my damage with just Serpent Man arrows is 115 in my pict gear.

Even on the go you cab make bone arrows and one shot dafari

Edit: with Pict Wizard or Stygian Raider I am at 122 with Serpent Man arrows which offer the best arrow economy in the game

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