Is this acceptable on a PvE server?

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Are you allowed on a PvE server to ?:

  1. Land claim all around a players base
  2. Place convergence traps around target base and guide NPC’s to said base to destroy.

I’ve already submitted a ticket. To be honest I did find a way to have fun with it but I expect an unprepared player (offline or inexperienced) would struggle with this. Curious how the community at large feels about it.


No. That’s indisputably land claim abuse.

Others might disagree with me, but I think this is harassment at best and exploit at worst. Both are against the TOS, but like I said, there are others who will disagree very loudly :wink:


Ofcurce, I disagree :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Ban the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.

@Mozzie, Welcome to the forum :grin:


Hey thanks! I hope they don’t get banned, maybe just a 72 hour suspension. That’s what I requested in the ticket.


Agreed. A suspension from online servers for a set period would be more fitting.

It should ultimately be on the server host/admin to manage any punishments and rectify the situation though.

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I wish they didn’t had to bring you in this situation. I wish people could solve situations like gentlemen without the neccecity of the ban hammer, because in the bottom line it’s a game. I don’t believe that it is easy, rather cheap for the company too!!! Because in the bottom line they pay this “prize”, for healthy gaming in their servers.
If there is a punishment, they know how to deal with it, yet you are very kind and I am happy to meet you.
Please stay for providing your opinion about the game too, we need more members, active player to provide feedback.
Welcome again :+1:t6:.



No one would ever disagree with that! And for sure not loudly, this is text afterall!



This is part of what we asked for when requesting intervention. As for warning vs. ban, I believe the people that are harassing OP know exactly what they’re doing. Doubt highly that it is a matter of ignorance.

@Mozzie no one is allowed to land claim around a players’ base and especially being in PVE what could possibly be done other than reporting. With the convergence traps they’re gaming the system to artificially PVP the person out.


Not that it matters, but I really wasn’t referring to either you, or Tele, or Boobie for that matter. Just because we haven’t seen any of the “griefing is legit gameplay unless the game mechanics change” people in the discussions lately, doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten them :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the digression. I just wanted to make sure you guys didn’t think I was taking potshots at you :wink:


Kiki spoke to you not Boobie :rofl::rofl::rofl:, fix it so I can delete mesage

Nah, @stelagel, I said “you, or Tele, or Boobie for that matter”. The “you” was referring to Kiki. Boobie hasn’t said anything here yet, but he’s another one I frequently talk to, so I wanted to make sure he understood I wasn’t taking potshots at him either :slight_smile:

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@Boobie is a guy? Oh s… t, I am such an idiot, thanks @CodeMage, sorry @Boobie I am a bit slow, really sorry my friend :+1:t6:.

I don’t know. I’m from a different generation and I grew up in a very different culture in a very different country, so I still sometimes assume someone’s gender, despite my recent efforts to avoid that.

If Boobie is not a guy, I hope they will accept my apologies and let me know how they prefer to be referred to.

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Boobie miles come on now. If you wanna win put boobie in


I’m not sure you understand what PVE means.

You mean these?

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Actually not even close

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You are killing me you know that :rofl::rofl::rofl:, you know that my English are bad and you are trolling me :pensive:.

I don’t get your statement. How don’t I understand? Please elaborate.

Sorry I shouldn’t have said “you” but instead said “they”. The point I’m making is the actions you describe are offensive against other players and therefore not suited for PVE. In fact people choose PVE to avoid this sort of behavior. It’s reportable just on that alone.

I don’t even understand why someone would play in a PVE game like that. It’s purposely tormenting for no other reason outside of dark personality trait enjoyment. IMHO, it’s a 4 week ban minimum but I’m not an enforcer of the ToS so I’ll let them do their job. Just give them the notice to do so by reporting this crap.