Isle of siptah constantly crashing on my xbox one x

My game is constantly crashing and has major lag and sometimes I cant even get on the server I’m playing on xbox one x, I have someone else in my household who plays on xbox one s and wireless whilst I am wired and we have super fast fibre optic broadband and they dont get the same problem as me, so it’s not the internet it only really happens on isle of siptah I’ve reinstalled the game twice since the release and the game is just unplayable.

Good luck getting any answers here i posted about my game freezing when getting in inventorys and then not being able to load back in to the server that it happens on that was 5 days ago nothing from funcom but they reply to some of the dumbest things that are on the forums but say nothing when game stopping bugs happen gots to love it

I’ve actually solved it by uninstalling the nudity DLC it runs fine now and it actually runs near perfect for me maybe you should give it a try.

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