Issues come to light AFTER latest PC hotfix

Game mode: PC - Private server Multiplayer
Type of issue: Crash - loop on login
Server type: PvP
Region: America

Regardless of server - Connecting via Direct connect or from the list the game goes through playing the movies and then looks at the mods, it will attempt to connect and then give connection failed. So hit join again and the second time it will play the movie and just connect as if it has to attempt a load of mods first. I am not sure about it being Pippi mod or straight conan.

It is repeatable every single time.

Hey @MaKheru

This looks like an issue caused by one of the mods you’re using. Have you checked on each mod’s page or comments section to see if anybody has a similar issue?

The server I play on runs Pippi and we have had no issue like that maybe one of your other mods?

It can be due to the mod you are using. Did you check on individual mod page or comment section to know anyone has the similar kind of issue.

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