Issues with level 20 hyrkanian bow

It does requires thick leather to craft. Problem is, there is no mobs at lvl20 areas that can be harvested for thick hide.
Crocodiles no longer drop thick hide, and you moved all rhinos to savanna.
Meaning that despite been able to learn better bow fairly early, there is no way you can craft one until you reach savanna.

Make it so low tier lvl20 hyrkanian bow would need only normal leather, not thick leather. Planks as ingredient are fine. And even some silk wouldn’t hurt, as spiders can be found not very far from south river.

You can still always find it in chests. Sepermeru is usually where I go to find chests that will have it around that level range.

Chests loot random, and with large respawn delay. So not reliable source at all. Not for crafting, nor for repairing.

Have croc hide be converted to thick leather again and problem solved.

Go rhino hunting. Or head up north and hunt elk kings. Both are low level encounters. There’s your thick leather.

Yep, you’ll just need to go on an adventure to make that bow.

Have you actually tried to go to savanna or worse - north as lvl 20?
I’v tried. Yeah, it possible, but you need to be extremely careful not get killed.

With that logic, why not to put star metal as ingredient for lvl20 bow? “I am already at north, right? why not just go further north?”

In fact earlier suggestion to look for hard leather in NPC’s strongboxes waaaaaay easier than what you suggest. And despite very large respawn timer, likely still will take less time than venturiing north and then back.

No other weapons of same level/tier requires such huge time-investment into acquiring materials.

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As right now croc hide can be converted either to to normal leather directly, or to normal hide. But not to thick hide/leather.

And i actually understand why they did this. Otherwise it would be super easy way to acquire higher tier materials in lowest level zone.

However they’v should at least make so bat hide could be converted to thick hide/leather. Frankly bat-demons can be found significantly further south than rhinos (also not as dangerous as rhinos).

I have, and it was easy. Rhinos cannot climb up rocks, and elk kings are slow and telegraph their uninterruptible attack. Every other enemy in the regions and on the way to them can be stunlocked to death, and if you travel via the rivers to the north there are very few mobs, and what is there can easily be avoided or slaughtered.

When you get to the north, there are two elk kings in a very benign area with no aggressive mobs save for the rare wolf, which is an easy fight, and while you wait for them to respawn you can slaughter the nearby boars for fur and levels.

As for rhinos, again, they cannot climb up rocks. Travel along the river, head up into the area south of the Den by Mitra’s feet, kill the 1-2 cobras that might aggro you, and find a good sniping spot and proceed to commit rhinocide.

And there’s your thick leather. Easy.

I know that single rhino is not an issue to kill. Done it on lower levels even before climbing was introduced.
However we talking about savanna here. And finding lonely rhino near the climbable rock would be significantly harder. At the same time progressing forward super slowly, avoiding… well pretty much everything, even hyenas, taking their habit there swarm you with great number.

All and all, once again that way harder and need way more time investment even comparing to getting a steel. And steel weapons is roughly level-30 tier.

You only need the one rhino. There’s no reason to go on the Savannah until you already have your bow. The two rhino you’ll find at the oasis will supply more than enough heavy leather for a bow and multiple repairs even with an iron skinning knife. You may even have enough for your level 30 bow depending on how much you use your bow and what armor you choose to wear.

I mean you literally just admitted that killing a rhino and getting heavy leather is not an issue. There’s your leather. There’s your bow. The north is just as easy. You don’t go into the Savannah region for initial leather for the same reason you don’t go to shattered springs for your first run of steelfire.

All of that being said…
Before those other bows came into the game, the hyrkanian was the second best bow - at that state, I could understand the change of the recipe to thick leather. But with the current state? Nope!
As the crude bow is made from hide, it feels off for the second bow to require thick leather already. This is why the recipe should require normal leather instead.
About those repairs… What about using kits instead? That is waaaaaaaaaaay cheaper. (For both melee+ranged weapons. Though kit needs to be at least of the same tier as your weapon - in case of hyrkanian, that should be iron.)

Another suggestion:
@Wyrm did you already try to get your hands on some carpenter thrall? (Like II/III, as IV should still be out of range. Though those allow me on singleplayer testlive to craft a flawless hyrkanian bow without being able to craft the basic one…)
By some mistake those enhanced recipes require only the old materials. (Hide and other stuff)
Though that should be fixed with all those recipes requiring the same type of materials - including scaling the materials down to the other weapons of that tier. (Iron+Leather.)

Killing rhinos is not hard. I am talking about a matter of convenience so we don’t have to travel all over creation to obtain materials to craft items that we are able to unlock in lower level areas.

They could add another lower level bow in between the hunting bow and the thick leather bow enabling players to obtain materials in the zones where they currently play.

Yes, it was. However getting thick hide also was way easier. As both crocs could be harvested for thick hide, and rhinos was spread all across the map, not just savanna.

Next logical step from hide is cured leather :stuck_out_tongue:

You do realize you talking about learning recipe, not acualy crafting the bow. Getting even named carpenter thrall(disregarding that chance getting one in low level zone is extremely low) still would solve anyhow issue of getting thick hide.

Actually original recipe for hyrkanian bow (currently tier-2 hyrkanian bow) did required cured thick leather.

As i’v told already. yes, killing lonely rhino wasn’t an issue even back in a days when climbing wasn’t a thing. However finding lonely rhino also was fairly easy. There was quite a few places just slightly more north from south river where you could find rhinos. As of now, they spawn only in savanna… and finding lonely rhino in savanna not an easy task at all. Not mentioning reaching savanna, which, with necessity of avoiding dangers as lvl 20 character, is very time consuming.

As of lower tier bow. Well it is lower tier bow. Before that there was only hunting bow (lowest tier) and hyrkanian bow (currently tier-2 hyrkanian bow) lvl30 recipe. So current tier-1 hyrkanian bow is a mid step.

And guys. i posted it in feedback because its actualy a feedback.
I way pass that issue myself. Generally exactly because i already played this game a lot since EA launch.

Newcomers however will be very confused, wondering all around >>lvl20<< areas, and couldn’t find any creatures that can be harvested for thick hide.

So once again, its not “hey, can somebody help me with finding thick hide for my lvl20 bow?”. It more of so such kind of question wouldn’t even ever appear on forums in future…

wink…For spoiler alert…

Use crockodile hide in the tannery to make heavy leather.

Oups… new patch new rules… The thing is not working anymore? I am killing elephants nowadays for thick leather but that’s definitelly not a lvl20 ezpz enemy. but spoiler alert:

If you get up to a vantage point with your lover level bow you can kill it no matter how much or less level you are on… just take a huge load of arrows with you…

I know, I guess you misunderstood me.
I am on your side there. :slight_smile:

Also I checked again earlier on current testlive, Funcom changed all hyrkanian bow-recipes to thick leather as it seems. Though I only looked at spawned in IV thrall. (I simply assume they changed the I/II/III as well…)

Speaking of IV: I know that those are in range like at lvl 30 or something, then only a chance to get them, probably taking until lvl 50/60. But getting a II thrall is possible - the last time I checked on some t1 thrall even that one had the mid quality hyrkanian bow - but since probably each and every single recipe seems to have altered… Too bad.

But regarding thralls while still staying at this topic:
I totally forgot about the easiest way to get some hyrkanian bow! Grab yourself some enemy archer, knock him out and break him/her on the wheel.
I think all archer thralls come at least with a hyrkanian bow.
(If the devs didnt change that on current testlive.)

That being said, the hyrkanian bow-recipe should really be changed to normal leather!
I wrote that earlier as well, but I guess it was easy to overread.

And about Yulifus’ post… I kind of wonder that you comment that rhino-killing thing.
The hyrkanian bow is the second tiered bow. It’s recipe has been changed like months ago and I guess no dev ever thought about it’s recipe when the other bows came into the game.
The hyrkanian bow should require normal leather.

Also as I said earlier, it was okay before that combat update. Like Wyrm said, there have been rhinos in newbie area as well.

By the way:
People have been arguing because of heavy armor just because of the same reason.
It got a new level requirement, down from 35+ to lvl 10.

Of course people want to be able to craft that heavy armor at said lvl 10. But they cant really do that. There is said to be a single boss?kappa on the eastern half of that newbie river - a single one. I dont know about it’s current HP on testlive though…

@GaryIce compared to your AI-exploiting idea I think my idea with enslaving some random archer and getting it’s bow better…

definitelly better and easier to take lvl2 thralls and take their bows than anything else…

Also dumb AI deserves exploitation. They should have run if they can’t reach us… :smiley:

Eh… I disagree.
I would prefer if melee thralls would get a bow out if their pathfinding cannot connect to us. (And wildlife properly running away.)

This exploiting is probably the main reason that bows grew this bad. As we arent in danger when “killing” our prey, we “deserved” to get low damage. Only getting decent damage with almost minmaxed statinvestment+preperation.

(Like getting the correct t4 armorer(s) - depending on what build we play we may need multiple t4 armorers! - getting that dragon bone arrow recipe, killing a dragon for horn+bones (got a few bones+horns with cleaver, though only 4 demon blood. Hatchling. 2x harvesting), getting materials for warpaints+potions (both accuracy) and getting that khan bow from one of the chests. — Earlier or on current live, melees have to reach lvl 60 and big ■■■ luck on first chests to get a good weapon… On testlive they would probably to for eighter black keep sword or religious weapons or whatever else weapon is BiS for them. Bosses got boosted extremely in their HP (there are reports about taking 3 hours for one which had low live before) and thus are probably not the main source for endgame weapons anymore.)

yep okay secondary ranged weapon is definitely a good idea for a thrall.

The thing is standing on high/hard to reach/safe vantage point is one of the first thing on ppls mind. That is not an exploit at all. Natural instinct with ranged weapons.
Bad AI is bad AI needs a fix. ANYTHING is better than standing still enemies just because they stuck in the pathfinding instead of another subrutin. So you say we as players deserve ■■■■ damage output just because we using our natural instincts instead of the programmers would create 2 IF then statements ant 2 “small functions” when this happens? if you see the incursion point is there. if you just hop on a rock and the AI can’t reach you he looses agro and walks back to it’s original place. instead of helplesly whatching the incomming arrows they could do much more things. so it is programming error not user error.

Saw what ARK did? dinos run away if the case is hopeless for them even the mighty giga-not-a-saurus.

And indeed your idea of every melee thrall has a ranged “sidearm” and pull that out is a good solution.

another one could be if they too have the ability to climb