Issues with pvp / New combat system / explosives

Hello, my name is zimpotchi…i stream on twitch/zimpotchi and recently we spent about… 130 hours building a t3 huge base… within a matter of 5-10 minutes it was all taken out by 1 god, and explosives even though we had a GOD SHIELD… Now, this is an official server… and with the new combat system it is literally impossible to kill anyone that’s any good at the game, i do have a clip of the fight… and how rediculous it is, instead of fighting us they just used bombs… in our faces… because they do way less damage to team mates and just blew us up… looted all our stuff because of the level 50 trait that does not slow you down… and now that there is loot full inventories it’s just a fight for loot bags instead of actual fighting.

It’s sad that this combat patch actually made things worse lol, dont get me wrong it’s neat when people actually want to fight, but you cant catch someone to kill them if they dont want to fight.

Arrows are basically useless now aswell as crippling because of the level 2 encumb talent which makes it so crippling doesnt effect you lol, and battle eating aswell as the health regen is just like… OH i have 50% health let me walk away for 2 seconds. ok! back to full health, not to mention with the LOW 40 player servers and about 20 players AFK at all times holding slows it’s impossible to have a group on this game, the enemies caught us with our pants down due to the low pop, by the time half of our guys got on everything was already gone, Even the enemies that beat us knew how ducked up the combat is / bombing / gods are, I hope a dev or something reads this just to get a look at what combat has become, i’ll post a link to the video if anyone is interested in seeing what end game combat is… it makes me sad.
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Yup, new combat is trash.