It took me this long

I’ve been playing SWL for almost 2 yrs I think - shortly after it came out anyway. I’m not sure when I was first able to do Tokyo, but that’s been awhile. And just realized tonight while doing the Back to the Beginning Tokyo subway quest for the umpteenth time that the npc Sarah and the friends she mentions (Alex, Mae, some name I forget) are the same 4 toons you see while zoning. Sheesh, nothing gets by me.


Rose White. Perhaps you haven’t seen and would enjoy their promo vids.
The Firestarter, The Puritan, The Grifter.
Cinematic Trailer


…You also can meet those people in New York raid, you know.

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…to realise TSW was MUCH better AND Far superior and richer in re-playable valuable content?
yeah same…

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Really?? Um, I mean, yeah, sure, who doesn’t, yep, I knew that, yep, sure did…

Well, in NYR they have their names over their heads. :thinking: It’s hard to play it weekly and never notice but possible, I guess.
Then, I somehow never saw those trailers (except Alex’s one, dunno why only it), but it has easy explanation at least. Since they are 8 years old and I never cared to look for trailers since I already play and know it’s good. :grimacing:
P. S. Btw what is this monster with Alex? I don’t remember anything like this in game but my memory may play tricks with me…

More importantly, you should know those people from the “Ground Zero” mission waaaaay back at the beginning.

I’d recommend creating an alt an rerunning that, if Funcom hadn’t been so greedy about monetizing character slots.

Rose also appears on login page/s.

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Cause she represents the only faction that matters