It would be good to introduce trade between players

It would be good to introduce trade between players, with a new store or several linked together as a single one where some NPC of the game such as CONAN who you cannot hurt or loot receives your items and sells them for you, setting the price the same I play for its level of rarity, then you can go for your money and take it or buy something of your interest, without the risk of offering things in your house where you can be eliminated and stolen or I could also sell rare items the same game, such as the torch of the red mother at a high price that is equivalent to growing gold or silver for hours but having the desired item instead of a random one.


Of all the things Conan could be doing, being a shopkeeper might conceivably be the last.

Anyway, introducing an actual monetary economy at this point in the game would require a complete rebalancing of… everything, which I doubt is viable.

Mods or player-run markets, both of which are possible, is the way to go here.


I’m trading now. :slight_smile: Although it would be nice to have something to buy with all this gold and silver other than pets and food!!


Not everyone is Conan.

Pippi does this already.

Also to go back to the first item a bit. You’d be surprised what you can do as the first option. I remember playing on a Minecraft RP server about 10 or 11 years ago. I didn’t know a thing about Minecraft, I had never played it before playing on this server. In fact I only got the game because a few Army buddies played there and invited me to play with them.

So I played a broker. Not even a shopkeeper myself, just the one who matched sellers with buyers and took a commission. Within a few months, I was the head of state of the largest nation-state on the server (a little over a hundred players, like a guild of guilds) with a large amount of equipment.

This of course requires roleplay and not simply logging in, clicking on some rocks, and then clicking on bad guys day in and day out. But in that venue, its amazing what you’re capable of doing once you make connections. Judging from my experiences in Archeage, networking with others is very lucrative in PVP. It doesn’t matter if you’re God’s gift to Conan Exiles PVP if the worst player on the server is friends with enough people to drop 10 decently equipped and experienced players on you at any given moment.

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All hail PIPPI and its thespian merchants that can be placed and controlled by players on private servers with mods. Honestly, I don’t understand why anyone would want to play the vanilla version of this game.


This, please, but in base game instead of having to rely on mods :slight_smile:

…as long as we’re discussing wishes, that is :smiley:


I know, it was just a facetious reference to the fact OP seemed to suggest Conan (the in-game character) should be the one running the store :smiley: (I think he meant "an immortal NPC like Conan is, hence the facetiousness).

Aye, and I’ve also been on an official server that had a functional (though unfortunately quickly abandoned) player-run market. Which is why I say both those things are already possible.

Though something that allowed two people to trade without the hassle/potential dickery of having to drop your trade items on the ground would probably be a nice addition.

Mods can of course do what they will (there’s no need for balance in those, as their use is voluntary). Player-run markets don’t depend on game-balance as they will find it themselves - though it’s a rare server that has enough players willing to invest the time for something like that to emerge organically. In either case, the game doesn’t define any sort of monetary value to a stack of stones or an epic item the way it would need to if there were actual NPCs who bought stuff from players.

The very limited one-way (NPC sellers, no buyers) trade that is currently there is about all that’s doable without an entire economy being thought out.


mods are not an option for those of us who play on console :pensive:

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I know, more’s the pity.
It’s not an option for those, like myself, who (used to) play strictly on officials, either. It remains an option for some, however.

In any case, my point was not so much “mods do it, so your problem is solved” more that a full-fledged trade-based economy belongs in mod territory, not in the core game. Unless the core game economy (of actions) were to be changed rather fundamentally, which I find unlikely.

For example, it would suddenly require balancing all time-to-acquire-resource-X against time-to-acquire for all other resources.


Well, he could take your stuff and sell it - that would certainly fit his M.O. He could even crush your skull as a bonus.

Then again, that might not be exactly a favor for the original owner of said stuff, and maybe not what the OP had in mind.


Oh nicking my stuff and selling it, with or without a side order of gratuitous murder - sure. Preferably to quickly spend it on booze and ladies of the night.


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