It would be nice if this game felt more like Conan and less like Super Bomber Man

Currently the pvp meta for conan is to just blow people up, while im sure that takes some skill (less skill than other methods), it doesn’t fit the theme of Conan. In my opinion, this game should be more focused on the melee for pvp to not only make the game more in line with the theme of Conan, but also makes the pvp fights more interesting and fun.

My suggestion is to simply make the time it takes to detonate a bomb much longer. 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds? I don’t know. But I know it would reduce the amount that bombs get used in melee combat during pvp and they would be more likely used on buildings.

Just my 2 cents.

Loving this game either way!


I agree. The Jump from PVE-C to PVP loses all ties to Conan themes, and is just another combat game. There needs to be some sort of mechanic that pushes melee warfare. could be a server type between pvp and PVE-C. Maybe make bombs do way less damage, and have NPC’s drop a majority of the loot needed to build instead of mass farming runs we currently do. Confines the battles to the cities when we are out farming. Again, not replace current PVP servers, but something new to create more kingdom style war fare.

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I agree, but if they make that change, it better come with a weapon revamp so it’s possible to hit runners with something other than a spear. The reason people use bombs is because catching runners is near impossible without them. There needs to be dash attacks for every weapon- a lot of range and heavy damage, but a lot of recovery frames that cannot be canceled by swapping weapons.

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