[ITEM] Temple Of Three Winds 'Inner Faith' Implant Does Not Drop



The ToTw item ‘Inner Faith’ does not drop anymore from Reverend Huyan nor WindCaller Yatila.

I had acquired this item some years ago from both npc’s however after weeks now of farming it has not dropped once. Furthermore, talking with other veteran players confirm that they have not seen in some years, or ever seen, this item drop.

Item ID #204614
Inner Faith

Having an extremely long time between drops, 5-7 hours, like Guardian Tank Armor/Keepers Vitality/Nematet’s Inner Eye/Skull of the Ancient may be appropriate for Inner Faith.

Please fix this item in the loot table.

Thank you very much for your time and have a wonderful day!


This item never dropped.


I very well may be mistaken however I’m almost certain I’ve looted it one time in the past, again, I may well certainly be mistaken. Nonetheless, the item does exist in the database and is supposed to drop inside ToTw, lets have it start dropping (again).

Unless there is some reason unbeknownst to me, it’s not some super duper game changer must have item, why not have it available? The work has been put in and the item exists, it just doesn’t drop.


Yeah I agree it would be nice :slight_smile: