Its been almost two months and the latrine has not been fixed and yes I have simitted a ticket

Same, I am waiting for that bug to be repaired.
I feel uneasy now to buy from the bazaar.
I might like some items, but I apprehend buying them, having them glitch and not fixed just like the latrine, or as of late, the leaves of the ivy of the Hanging Garden Set.

There is a list of bugs we have been waiting years for fixes for. When things in Conan get broke they tend to stay that way.

I refuse to support a broken game that just gets more broken with every update.

That’s giving me some serious deja vu vibes regarding the “free emotes” that were never supposed to be free so they casually took them back :smiley:

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Really? What emotes were they? Where they in the bazaar?

There were some emotes that they made available to everyone from the regular emote wheel at 3.0 launch to where it seemed that they just added some nice variety to the basegame :stuck_out_tongue:

Then they started appearing in the bazaar for sale too and got removed from everybody else via a patch with the explanation that they were never “meant” to be available to others and only ever meant to be sold.

And while that’s fair enough, imo any respectable company would’ve left it be after accidentally releasing it for more than a month and just came up with something else to sell in the bazaar :slight_smile: That’s just my opinion though… if they’re the ones who made the mistake, they should’ve been the ones supporting the consequences and not all the people who merely thought they got some new stuff as part of the basegame.


Oh my. Thank you for your answer. You are right indeed, they should have left the emotes to those who got them for free then, and just add a fee to it for the players who hadn’t got them.

Well, everybody got it technically :slight_smile: cuz they were included with all the basic emotes. I still have some thralls I set to use them using them even thou I no longer have access to them lol
Idk, they could’ve just refunded the coins for those who paid for it, or simply give them a bonus / replacement emote :man_shrugging: Oh well, it’s all done and sorted now, thou I’m sure a lot of people remembered it :slight_smile:

since I am not able to use the crossleg, they will stay forever I this emote… Until funcom force them anyway to change or pay for this emote :sweat_smile:

Hrm, I’m aware of the ‘cross legged’ emote being missing, but does anyone know if the ‘kneel’ emote was included in this mix-up too? Since the option for that seems to have disappeared for me also.

Kneel should be base game I think (I use it in the devkit all the time and we cant access non base game stuff). Unless there are two kneels. Maybe you just need to relearn it?

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Oh, there was a “kneeling sit” so not exactly kneel, I think that was one of them also, in case that’s what @Crompox is referring to

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Must be it

huh, ok, maybe it’s just me then, I’ll investigate further, thanks!

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Our team is still working on solving the issue with the latrine item. In the meantime, if you would like further assistance with your purchase please submit a ticket to our Help center.

Make sure to select “in-game purchase” as the issue type.

Have a great week!

I have submitted a ticket already but thank you! <3

In your second pic, what is it where you have those chests?

It’s just a ceiling behind the wall at half heigh. The wall was a doorframe when I placed them which I replaced with a wall after that.

With plates it’s also possible to remove the ceiling and make access to the chests from both sides…
Was looking for a pm i send some time ago with a howto to someone… and it was to you :joy:
So you need to take a look in your mailbox its nearly the same method. With stablegate frames you even can place 4 chests on every stage.

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lol awesome

I remember talking to a couple people about it way back when. So yeah you must have been one of them haha

I did a bunch of experimenting in solo admin mode based on the tips and it was great!
Work had started on main official server but then I had to migrate and lost all that.

I’ve got a different solution in place now. It is multi-tier but not using half height tiles. Basically a small room built on hillside so 45 degree ground so lots of little nooks and crannies.

I refuse to stack chests after i lost one due to weird stability loss. So I’m a little chicken to experiment with cooler ways like yours :woozy_face:

But I’ll have to revisit the original tips and the new ones and do some more experimenting.

And don’t be surprised if like in 3 years time I ask again :joy:

Hello everyone,

If you are still missing the Latrine item, please make sure you check out this post: Performance Patch (2023.02.07) - Latrine item fix

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we worked on this issue.

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